Friday, October 10, 2008

rachan phetnakhon + chiraphon phonsawan: num khao chao sao khao nieow

singer(s): ราชันย์ เพชรนคร + จีรพร พรสวรรค์ (rachan phetnakhon + chiraphon phonsawan)
album: หนุ่มข้าวจ้าว สาวข้าวเหนียว (num khao chao sao khao nieow)
01. หนุ่มข้าวจ้าว สาวข้าวเหนียว (num khao chao sao khao nieow)
02. เศรษฐีเงินล้าน (set-thi ngoen lan)
03. น้ำตาเหนือ อีสาน (nam ta nuea isaan)
04. เกี้ยวสาวภูไท (kieow sao phu thai)
05. เจอดีจนได้ (choe di chon dai)
06. ลาแฟนไปนอก (la faen pai nok)
07. จ.ม. สู่ชายแดน ( su chai daen)
08. ผ้าห่มตราคน (pha hom tra khon)
09. น้ำตาสาวใช้ (nam ta sao chai)
10. อ้อยจ๋า (oi cha)

here's another "couples" tape, a good companion to the last, although this one's of a more dichotomous nature; she's a sticky rice girl (the staple food of isaan) while the lad prefers central-thai rice ("prince rice"), the kind of a country girl vs. city boy dynamic common to luk thung. can't find much online about these two singers, not sure how big a hit they were. nonetheless, the music is real good, alot of that classic luk thung organ, whichever kind it is (electone, maybe), and they've got pretty good voices for the style (the edges are smoothed out by a liberal dose of echo-box). i got this one from a slightly dingy record store on samsen road, the cover's a bit faded as you can see. the owner was a nice guy, but not too tolerant of horribly-spoken thai :)


Anonymous said...

I get only the first track from all of your files. (due to the thai characters?-- The "no thai" version worked) The songs I get are beautiful. Thanks.

peter said...

non-thai version here