Wednesday, October 8, 2008

suraphon sombatcharoen: sip hok pi.. haeng khwam lang

singer: สุรพล สมบัติเจริญ (suraphon sombatcharoen)
album: สิบหกปี.. แห่งความหลัง (sip hok pi.. haeng khwam lang)
01. สิบหกปีแห่งความหลัง (sip hok pi haeng khwam lang)
02. แน่ข้างเดียว (nae khang dieow)
03. หัวใจเดาะ (hua chai do)
04. สนุกเกอร์ (snooker)
05. หนักใจ (nak chai)
06. ใกล้เกลือกินด่าง (klai kluea kin dang)
07. แฟนจ๋า (faen cha)
08. คนหัวล้าน (khon hua lan)
09. เศรษฐีเงินกีบ (setthi ngoen kip)
10. อกแตก (ok taek)
11. หญิงกับเสือ (ying kap suea)
12. คนใช้เมียเปลือง (khon chai mia plueang)

this is a collection of some of khun suraphon's latter day hits, some of the last before his death in 1968 (พ.ศ. 2511). pretty much every song on here is fantastic. the band has amazing rhythm & texture and suraphon's voice is of course great. track no. 5 features prominently a bong hit, so that's something to look out for as well. i picked this up from a street seller near wat po in bangkok, i think his name was thip.. he lets you preview any tape and he knows the contents & history of everything he's got. he's the best.


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kevin said...

res ipsa loquitur!

Anonymous said...

I am excited to see this blog.
Looking forward to hearing the music.

Anonymous said...

Files seem corrupted.
I can only open the first song from each of these records...I love what I hear, but there does not seem to be a way to open the rest.

peter said...

that's very strange! i haven't heard this problem from anyone else, and i just downloaded the file and ran everything just fine.. have you had trouble running .rar in the past? it also may be the thai characters, here's a file with all roman characters for you to try:
good luck!

Anonymous said...

The No Thai version worked great.

peter said...

new link in thai

LFC said...

A question: who is the guy with sunglasses of the picture of the top right corner of your blog? Wondering about the instrument he's playing actually...

peter said...

ah, that is the famous songwriter phaibun butkhan (or more accurately, a statue of him at the the thai human imagery wax museum in nakhon pathom) the instrument he's playing is the concertina! you can find a collection of songs he's written here, as well as in many other posts here!

Gary said...

This is beautiful. Thank you, Peter!