Friday, May 27, 2011

monruedi phromchak: khoi rak chak singapore

artist: มลฤดี พรหมจักร (monruedi phromchak)
album: คอยรักจากสิงคโปร์ (khoi rak chak singapore)
01. คอยรักจากสิงคโปร์ (khoi rak chak singapore)
02. เมาเหล้าอย่าเมารัก (mao lao ya mao rak)
03. น้องบ่เสียใจอ้ายบ่าวสกล (nong bo sia chai ai bao sakon)
04. ตามตื้อบ่าวภูไทย (tam tue bao phu thai)
05. วอนพระคุณ (won phra khun)
06. หมายรัก (mai rak)
07. ชีวิตจำเป็น (chiwit cham pen)
08. สาวนครคอยคู่ (sao nakhon khoi khu)
09. กลับนาลากรุง (klap na la krung)
10. ชีวิตมลฤดี (chiwit monruedi)
11. อกหักรักทหาร (ok hak rak thahan)
12. รักครูหนูอกหัก (rak khru nu ok hak)

this week, more fantastic lam from ms. monruedi phromchak! i don't know alot about monruedi's background, though i believe she's currently a lecturer for the office of culture at khon kaen university. she's well known for her skill in lam phu tai, a unique style of lam associated with the phu tai ethnic group of thailand & laos, which can be pretty difficult to find in commercial recordings. this album is made up primarily of lam tang wai, but also features a few lam phu thai and a couple of the more mainstream lam phloen. the recordings here are more electronic than the previous album of her's i've posted, adding a drum machine over the traditional cymbal clashing and sax & keyboard over the khaen & phin. enjoy!!


Holly said...

That dratted drum machine drives me nuts, but the underlying songs are so great that I'll cope ;-) Thank you, Peter!

peter said...

glad you like it, holly! sometimes those machines can wreck it for me too, but they hardly manage to distract on this one!

luckystriker said...

She's got a hell of a voice on her. Great album (don't mind the drum machine either).