Saturday, May 21, 2011

chatri sichon: samak rak samak faen

artist: ชาตรี ศรีชล (chatri sichon)
album: สมัครรักสมัครแฟน (samak rak samak faen)
01. สมัครรักสมัครแฟน (samak rak samak faen)
02. สมัครรักไม่จริง (samak rak mai ching)
sung by วันเพ็ญ เดือนสิบสอง (wanphen dueansipsong)
03. ช้ำรักจากเมืองชล (cham rak chak mueang chon)
04. รักหรือเปล่า (rak rue plao)
05. รอไม่ไหว (ro mai wai)
06. บัวหลวง (bua luang)
07. ออกพรรษา (ok phansa)
08. มะลิไกล มาลัยชัง (mali klai malai chang)
09. งามงอน (ngam ngon)
10. เมารัก (mao rak)
sung by ดำ แดนสุพรรณ (dam daensuphan)
11. หัวใจลอยลม (hua chai loi lom)
sung by วันเพ็ญ เดือนสิบสอง (wanphen dueansipsong)
12. ฮักอ้ายข้างเดียว (hak ai khang dieow)
sung by วันเพ็ญ เดือนสิบสอง (wanphen dueansipsong)

after last week's re-post, i figured this week it'd be good to bring out some new sounds from chatri for everyone! as told previously, chatri, from chonburi, got his start in samniang muangthong's ruam daokrachai band, but left to help suraphon's wife sinuan rehabilitate the sombatcharoen band (primarily as a songwriter) after the star's death in 1968. within a year he had founded his own band & cut his first records. this album features those early tracks, alongside some answer & duel songs from wanphen dueansipsong & dam daensuphan. while the sounds here are more straightforward luk thung than last week, the wheezing accordions, strange entrancing rhythms & chatri's rough-cut vocals make it a standout for me. enjoy!!


gilhodges said...

Yes! Thanks Peter.

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ASEAM said...

Really nice! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi there. This should be great as usual but is there any problem with mediafire? I get an error message from them. thanks for the great job you do on this incredible blog.

Holly said...

Indeed, Peter, the stupid trolling copyright bots who now rule mediafire have deleted your file :-( If you reup elsewhere w/b appreciated - if not possible, I appreciate you anyway!

peter said...

sorry guys!
a new link is up there now

Holly said...

Super, super excellent - no idea how I missed original posting as I adore the other Chatri Sichon you shared. Thank you SO much for the reup!

Mikey B. said...

Peter could you please re-upload this again! Thank you so much!

peter said...

Hi Mikey!
I don't have access to this particular release at the moment, but I have posted a cassette with the same title and a handful of the same tracks here..