Thursday, May 5, 2011

chatri sichon: chom nang

artist: ชาตรี ศรีชล (chatri sichon)
album: โฉมนาง (chom nang)
01. โฉมนาง (chom nang)
02. ธรณีชีวิต (thorani chiwit)
featuring ยุพิน แพรทอง (yuphin phraethong)
03. มารักกันเถิด (ma rak kan thoet)
04. อย่ามาหลอกฉัน (ya ma lok chan)
sung by ยุพิน แพรทอง (yuphin phraethong)
05. คงเป็นแฟนคุณ (khong pen faen khun)
06. ผลกรรม (phonkam)
07. ดนตรี (instrumental)
08. มนต์เสียงเพลง (mon siang phleng)
featuring ยุพิน แพรทอง (yuphin phraethong)
09. อนุภาพรัก (anuphap rak)
sung by ยุพิน แพรทอง (yuphin phraethong)
10. สวรรค์บนดิน (sawan bon din)
sung by ยุพิน แพรทอง (yuphin phraethong)
11. คนจนไม่ดีเด่น (khon chon mai di den)
12. สาวอาปาเช่ (sao "apache")
13. คนจนคนจร (khon chon khon chon)

i've posted this tape before (post no. 6, to be precise!), but it's so good, and i've learned so much since about the history behind it, that i feel it warrants a re-posting. chatri, from chonburi, got his start in samniang muangthong's ruam daokrachai band, but left to help suraphon's wife sinuan rehabilitate the sombatcharoen band (primarily as a songwriter) after the star's death in 1968. within a year he had founded his own band & cut his first records. in 1970, he was contracted by isaan songwriter surin phaksiri for a new sort of project... if i have my story right, her majesty queen sirikit had recently attended a screening of a hindi film in bangkok, and her glowing review seemed ready to start a bollywood craze in the kingdom. as was standard for film imports, the hindi dialogues would be dubbed into thai, but considering the musical nature of indian films the decision was made to dub the songs as well, and local luk thung stars were hired to do the job. big names like phraiwan lukphet, riam daranoi, buppha saichon & others all tried their hands at singing playback. the filmi selections on this album are dubs from c.v. sridhar's "dharti", composed by the shankar-jaikishan team, and feature chatri on the male parts (originally mohd. rafi) and yuphin phraethong doing the female (originally lata mangeshkar & asha bhosle). tacked on are some of chatri's great luk thung singles from the same period.. enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter! I missed this the first time around. I love old Bollywood music and I love luk thung, so I was pretty excited to hear about this. It's really awesome. I was surprised at how natural the Thai singing sounds with the original Bollywood dubs.

musique said...

Awesome! Also missed the first post, so thank you a lot for reposting!

po poy said...

i love this tape since i heard it two years ago.
thank you so much for your blog.

peter said...

so glad you guys like it, chatri is one of my favorites! and dave, yeah, i actually prefer the thai recordings to the indian originals here (and i don't always!)

Holly said...

I'm really enjoying this, Peter, thank you!

luckystriker said...

Oh my. I can't believe how well it works together. Thanks for expanding my mind (again).

Trevor said...

Peter, I just came across your blog today and am totally ECSTATIC about the gems you have posted here! Keep up the good work, I have a bit of reading and listening to do before I can catch up with your older posts but so far everything is really magical! Thanks!

Philip Jablon said...

This is now my all time favorite song sung in the Thai language!

Cao Sao Vang said...

it's strange. mediafire defines archive as "Yeh Mausam Bheega" by Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd. Rafi, Asha Bhosle and write that Permission Denied.

peter said...

how stupid!
thanks so much for letting me know, Cao Sao Vang
new link is up there now!

Cao Sao Vang said...

Much thanks Peter! By the way, such problem is in some other posts...

Thanks for your blog and music :)

Xavier said...

Hello. I was able to download and hear this when you originally posted it, however due to a data drive loss i no longer have it. Would it be possible to download again?

Thanks so much for your efforts