Friday, March 26, 2010

thai classical music angkalung ensemble

artist: thai classical music angkalung ensemble
album: ยะวา (yawa)
01. มโนราห์ลุยไฟ (manora lui fai)
02. ลาวดำเนินทราย (lao damnoen sai)
03. ลาวครวญ (lao khruan)
04. ลาวดวงเดือน (lao duang duean)
05. สร้อยแสงแดง (soi saeng daeng)
06. เขมรไทรโยค (khmer sai yok)
07. ลาวคำหอม (lao kham hom)
08. ยะวา (yawa)
09. ลาวกระแซ (lao krasae)
10. ลาวเจริญศรี (lao charoen si)
11. แขกอาหวัง (khaek a wang)
12. แสนคำนึง (saen kham nueng)

bit of a curiosity this week, we've got some old thai-style javanese music! the instrument featured here is the indonesian angklung (อังกะลุง (angkalung) in thai), a set of tuned bamboo rattles. the angklung was brought to thailand in the early 1900s by thai composer luang pradit phairo, following a royal visit to java in the entourage of his patron prince woradet. upon return, pradit adapted the instrument to the local tuning system, and it became a popular favourite. in the latter half of the century, it came to be a staple for school bands, much in the manner of handbell choirs in the u.s. or u.k.. the songs on here are mostly based on thai classical melodies, and backed up by a nice band, full of drums & a bit of electric organ. very cool!


icastico said...

Lovely. Thanks.

isfahani said...
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isfahani said...

Thanks, but "CRC failed in thai classical music angkalung ensemble - yawa\08 - thai classical music angkalung ensemble - yawa.mp3. The file is corrupt"

Anyone else having this problem?

peter said...

ah wow, thanks so much for catching that! i'm doing a new upload for the main link, but in the meanwhile here's track 8 for everyone who has already downloaded:

isfahani said...

Don't thank me, thank winrar? IN any case, thanks for getting back with the correction asap, it's much appreciated.

peter said...

no problem! i know how frustrating those CRC failures are!

peter said...

new link is up & should be working! please do let me know if there are any further problems!

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much.

Unknown said...

Thank you, When I was a young child one of my sister played angalung, the other siblings played hammer dulcimer, Pi Java (Javanese horn/flute), tabla and I played "chakhe" when we were young. The musics took me back to childhood. I actually am trying to play these music on piano. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me where can I find a copy of these records?

Unknown said...

Thank you! i'm French and love gamelan and other south-east asian musics, and your blog shows really interesting things to hear!

roberth said...

please re up i love the angalung sound. please

roberth said...

please please please