Thursday, March 18, 2010

chanthana kitiyaphan: kliat khon suai

artist: ฉันทนา กิติยพันธ์ (chanthana kitiyaphan)
album: เกลียดคนสวย (kliat khon suai)
01. เกลียดคนสวย (kliat khon suai)
02. ข้าวนอกนา (khao nok na)
03. ชีวิตคนดำ (chiwit khon dam)
04. ขอสักวัน (kho sak wan)

one thai musical tradition which has been under-represented here is "string", particularly the fantastic thai funk scene of the 70's. of course, considering that this is probably the genre of thai music best represtened in the western market (from those "thai beat a go-go" compilations of years past, to the fine folks at zudrangma today), i haven't felt too guilty about the neglect. nevertheless, i was excited to share this great album from chanthana with you.. imagine my dismay, then, when the reel spun out halfway through side one!! luckily the first 4 songs are the best, pulled from the soundtrack to the 1975 (พ.ศ. 2518) film "ข้าวนอกนา (khao nok na)". you can just pretend it's an e.p.! enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

You Peter. I am in Thailand can not download at all (4share) enough about 12MB download will stop.

vespucci said...

Hi anonymous, here is a mirror;

(I hope you don't mind, Peter. Actually I did have problems here in Germany with, too. Looks like that filehoster is a bit unstable.
Anyway, as always thank you for your efforts!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks For Mirror

peter said...

ah man! sorry everyone's having trouble with 4shared! unfortunately it seems to be the only one i can get to work in thailand! i guess i'll keep looking.. and thanks, vespucci!

peter said...

well actually can anyone advise.. the problem is my internet is never stable long enough to tolerate an entire upload.. i've been using 4shared cause they have a desktop client that can resume a failed upload from the stopping point.. do any other sites have this as well?

vespucci said...

Peter, I have no personal experiences with resumed uploads but this is what I've found through Google:

Easyshare ( offers such thing ie. through FTP. Here is a description:

Sendspace offers a wizard to resume uploads:

Next option: Stay with 4shared, and as I am a regular visitor here anyway I can try to provide mirrors. (My main problem so far is that the 4shared d/l servers take an eternity to connect to. )

peter said...

hey vespucci, thanks so much for the help.. i did some research as well and found this.. works great, so i'll switch back to mediafire!! i trust there's no problems with that site..?

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter. I random heard chanthana kitiyaphan singing what sounded like the song "So Swell When You're Well" written by James Booker

Someone in Thailand probably heard from Aretha Franklin (some compilations credit Booker as at least co-writer).

Anyway, from the WFMU stream I had the transliterated artist name and approximation of the Thai song title which got me here. The download link here didn't work any more but gave me the artist and song name in Thai which eventually helped me find on youtube

They even have the album "tracked" so you can got right to track 3 which is about 8 minutes long. Listening to it closing not only does it sound like Booker's song but sounds to me she is singing the English words for the chorus / title line: so swell when you're well. Many many thank for having this blog as a resource for hearing and a gateway to learning about Thai music.

Anonymous said...

that is me.