Thursday, March 4, 2010

khamkoeng thongchan: da da da

artist: คำเกิ่ง ทองจันทร์ (khamkoeng thongchan)
album: ดา ดา ดา (da da da)
01. ดา ดา ดา (da da da)
02. คุณขอมา (khun kho ma)
03. ใจมักคิด (chai mak khit)
04. หัวอกคนจน (hua ok khon chon)
05. เจ้าหัวใจ (chao hua chai)
06. คนพเนจร (khon phanechon)
07. ดีกว่าอยู่สื่อ ๆ (di kwa yu sue sue)
08. อาจารย์ดี (achan di)
09. ชั่วช่างมัน (chua chang man)
10. อีสานพันโว๊ล (isan phan volt)
11. ลาน้องไปซาอุ (la nong pai sa u)
12. เสียนาเสียเมีย (sia na sia mia)

providing no one minds terribly, i thought we could keep with isan stuff for a bit longer, and so here's some nice lam phloen from khamkoeng thongchan! unfortunately, i don't know a great deal about khamkoeng.. he's remembered not so much as a molam in his own right than as the achan (plus composer, lyricist, etc.) of his "thongchan promotion" music collective, which launched the careers of stars like sathit thongchan, dueanphen amnuaiphon, a pojana & others.. nevertheless, he's pretty good himself! the band's got some cool keyboard & sax and of course, that unstoppable molam groove.. plus there's no beating his hat!! enjoy!


QP said...

peter, could you please send me an email? i'm in thailand now and have a tip for you on a great spot in loei...

vespucci said...

Once again; thank you!

Davor said...

Can you please re-upload this please?

peter said...

of course! new link is up now

sleep said...

could you please send me an email with the file