Saturday, January 23, 2010

sombat simla: lai khaen long ko

artist: สมบัติ สิมหล้า (sombat simla)
album: ลายแคนหลงเกาะ (lai khaen long ko)
01. ลายแคนหลงเกาะ (lai khaen long ko)
02. ลายตีกลองน้ำ (lai ti klong nam)
03. ลายสาวหยิกแม่ (lai sao yik mae)
04. ลายแม่หม้ายกล่อมลูก (lai mae mai klom luk)
05. ลายเต้ยยุคใหม่ (lai toei yuk mai)
06. ลายโปงลาง (lai pong lang)
07. ลายลมผัดไผ่ (lai lom phat phai)
08. ลายนกไซบินข้ามทุ่ง (lai nok sai bin kham thung)
09. ลายแคนยุคใหม่ (lai khaen yuk mai)
10. ลายพิณยุคใหม่ (lai phin yuk mai)
11. ลายแซกยุคใหม่ (lai saek yuk mai)
12. ลายสินชัย (lai sin chai)

this week we've got a great album of solo khaen! our mokhaen here is the famed sombat simla (though on the cover he's สมบัติ ฉิมราช (sombat chimrat).. must be an old stage name!) sombat, who lost his sight at a very young age, is from mahasarakham province in isan. he first shot to fame after he landed an extended solo (oddly enough, playing the 'so' fiddle, rather than khaen!) on the sonchai mekwichian song "siang so sang sao".. but his playing was so compelling that everyone wanted to know more about the player, and his fame soon surpassed that of the star singer's! ever since then sombat has been a widely respected performer & teacher, and is known by many as the "god of khaen". he's got a really crazy style.. he's a great player & alot of fun, hope you enjoy!


icastico said...

Wow...I want a khaen

matt said...

yes! totally digging this one.

Mr. Daad said...

Mate, do you happend to have any albums made by V.I.P and/or Flesh & Skin? I heard good words about them in the grapevine. Or perhaps any of the other early releases with Caravan, that would alos be realy great.

peter said...

hmm.. i've actually never heard of "v.i.p." or "flesh & skin", but there is more great caravan coming up soon!

Mr. Daad said...

Let's see what input i can give for V.I.P. and Flesh & Skin.
V.I.P. made atleast 2 albums that i heard of, Live 1973 and Europa Concert Norway: Live 1982 but my guess would be that there also must be others with them.
Flesh & Skin made a selftitled album from 1976 but there should also be others with them. I think i saw some info somewhere about a compilation with 16 songs released on a tape.
Another Thai-outfit that would be great is Butterfly, they made a selftitled album in 1975.

New sounds with Caravan sounds like a real treat :-)

vespucci said...

Thank you so much!

gd said...

more khaen please!
i love this stuff.
thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great Music.
Please post some more Khene. Its fantastic or as one of my friends said after hearing it for the first time:
"hello Terry Riley"


Jed said...

Thank you for this!

Unknown said...

Hi, Peter! Thank you for your blog and music you're sharing! I really want to hear this solo khaen tape. Can you reupload it, please?

Dmitriy, Moscow.

Unknown said...

Hello! Can you please re-upload this album? Thanks!

Jerom said...

Hi! Can you please please reupload it once again? I love the sound of the khren!

peter said...

new link is up now!