Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sonchai mekwichian: khon ngam luem dam khieow

singer: ศรชัย เมฆวิเชียร (sonchai mekwichian)
album: คนงามลืมด้ามเคียว (khon ngam luem dam khieow)
01. คนงามลืมด้ามเคียว (khon ngam luem dam khieow)
02. เสียงซอสั่งสาว (siang so sang sao)
03. คนงามหน้าเงิน (khon ngam na ngoen)
04. อายจันทร์ (ai chan)
05. ทุยร่ำ (thui ram)
06. บัวตูมบัวบาน (buatum buaban)
07. ลานรักลานเท (lan rak lan the)
08. คืนอำลา (khuen am la)
09. น้ำตาลาไทร (nam ta la sai)
10. ไพรอำพราง (phrai am phrang)
11. กระท่อมพ่อหม้าย (krathom pho mai)
12. พ่อหม้ายตามเมีย (pho mai tam mia)
13. กระท่อมทองกวาว (krathom thongkwao)
14. จำใจจาก (cham chai chak)
15. ปากหวาน (pak wan)
16. มาลี (mali)
17. อนิจจา (anitcha)
18. ลั่นทม (lanthom)
19. ลำดวนใจดำ (lamduan chai dam)

some more luk thung, this week from 70's heart-throb sonchai mekwichian. hailing from khorat, sonchai, like many luk thung stars from the 70's on, got his start singing at local talent competitions. in this manner sonchai gained a good a bit of popularity around isaan, culminating in a few tv appearances & such, though his real break would be one of pure luck. during a tour up-country, luk thung songwriter chalong phusawang happened to require some auto work, and brought his car to the very mechanics' whereat sonchai worked his day-job. with his car in-shop, sonchai managed to perform a tune or so for the songwriter, and though his voice wasn't much to chalong's taste, chalong's wife, who was also in attendance, was so taken with the young singer that the maestro had little choice but to accept him. the tunes on here are quite nice, slow luk thung, featuring a few nods to the music of sonchai's home region, the northeast. hope you enjoy! and be sure to check out another album of his (featuring all the hits!) available over at the selmanaires' sound center.


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