Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sonkhiri siprachuap: fon tok fa rong

singer: ศรคีรี ศรีประจวบ (sonkhiri siprachuap)
album: ฝนตกฟ้าร้อง (fon tok fa rong)
01. ฝนตกฟ้าร้อง (fon tok fa rong)
02. น้ำท่วม (nam thuam)
03. แม่ค้าตาคม (mae kha ta khom)
04. ขี้เหล่ก็รัก (khi le ko rak)
05. พอหรือยัง (pho rue yang)
06. บุพเพสันนิวาส (bupphesanniwat)
07. วาสนาพี่น้อย (watsana phi noi)
08. หนุ่มนาบ้ารัก (num na ba rak)
09. บางช้าง (bang chang)
10. ดอกรักบานแล้ว (dok rak ban laeo)

this week, quite a time ravaged cassette, but one featuring a favorite singer of mine, sonkhiri siprachuap. born and raised in samut songkhram province, sonkhiri left school at a young age to work on his family's coconut palm farm, and later a pineapple plantation down in prachuap khiri khan. between shifts, he would always entertain his fellow farmhands by singing the songs of khamron sambunnanon, dreaming of becoming a famous singer. eventually he auditioned for payong mukda's group, but was rejected.. he persisted in his struggle, though, and after many years of performing with a popular local ramwong group, came to the attention of luk thung maestro phaibun butkhan. with the hits of phaibun to propel him, sonkhiri became a huge star throughout the kingdom. sadly, he was killed in a motor accident in 1972, in the middle of a huge country-wide tour. sonkhiri's sweet, sorrowful voice is remembered fondly still.. his songs were featured prominently in pen-ek ratanarueang's 1999 film เรื่องตลก 69 ("6ixtynin9"), wherein his tragic serenades cause the gangsters to break down in tears. enjoy!


Anonymous said...

ขอบคุณ ที่ให้เสมอๆ

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I found this blog! Thank you so much for posting these!!! So many wonderful records here. Zach. ขอบคุณ

แฟนเพลงศรคีรี ศรีประจวบ said...

This singer is good sound. I like his song very much.