Monday, November 2, 2009

a. num phuthai: sing sam thao, vol. 1

artist: อ. หนุ่ม ภูไท (a. num phuthai)
album: ซิ่งซ่ำเฒ่า ชุดที่ 1 (sing sam thao, vol. 1)
01. ซิ่งซ่ำเฒ่า ชุดที่ 1 a (sing sam thao, vol. 1 a)
02. ซิ่งซ่ำเฒ่า ชุดที่ 1 b (sing sam thao, vol. 1 b)

this week we've got some electric isaan grooves from phin maestro a. num phutai! the พิณ (phin), a plucked lute of unknown origin, is in it's electrified form one of the most recognizable and attention-grabbing aspects of modern isaan music. achan num phutai, as well as being a teacher of phin (witness his many how-to vcds!), composes tunes for molam popstars.. but here it's just him, playing a solid 40-minute phin medley. as the approved product of a reputable phin instructor, i imagine this tape is replete with the expected virtuosity (though you'd have to consult someone with more pick-related knowledge than i). this one is another from alexandra; she has all the best! enjoy!!


icastico said...

Me loves the molam...thanks.

hajimaji said...


vespucci said...

Is it possible to talk that "alexandra" into running her own blog???
Just joking though I do like her contributions a lot as well as yours. Anyway, thank you very much!
Lately I got seriously infected by molam and related music. Too bad there are not many releases available.
All your efforts are very much appreciated, Peter. Greetings from Germany, Frank

William said...

This is really top music. Which year was this made? He really keeps it cooking for the entire 40 minutes. Unbelievable.

peter said...

hey william!
i believe this album is from 2001

luckystriker said...

That's some rock-solid grooves and virtuoso picking. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Any chance for a re-up of this one?

Kumpanee Naya said...
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Kumpanee Naya said...

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