Sunday, January 31, 2010

electone; international for dancing, vol. i

artist: unknown
title: เพลงเต้นรำนานาชาติ electone; international for dancing, vol. i
1. cho cho san
2. magic dream
3. somewhere my love
4. china nights
5. whatever will be, will be
6. tears like a river
7. 500 miles
8. ding dong song
9. who really love me
10. tennessee waltz
11. otomi san
12. variable heart
13. a thousand tears for you
14. tangko bushi
15. goodnight irene
16. love like the moon
17. for the good time
18. japanese farewell song

here it is; the long-awaited first volume of "electone international for dancing"!! as stated in the description for volume ii, the yamaha corporation's electone organ was a pretty big hit in a lot of asian countries, thailand being no exception. while primarily thought of in the united states as a remnant of the "home electronic organ" trend of mid-century, the electone has become something of a studio staple in much of asia, and defines a great deal of thai pop especially. like the first tape, this one features another great melange of foreign dance hits; american, japanese, chinese, etc. adapted for the electone organ, with the support of some acoustic percussion. still haven't been able to find out anything about the artist here, so again if anyone happens to have some info, please chime in! otherwise, just enjoy!!!

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Fantastic! Many thanks!!