Saturday, December 12, 2009

dao bandon: chan di khi foi

singer: ดาว บ้านดอน (dao bandon)
album: จันดีขี้ฝอย (chan di khi foi)
01. จันดีขี้ฝอย (chan di khi foi)
02. ห่าตำผู้หญิง (ha tam phu ying)
03. นั่งสามล้อตามแฟน (nang sam lo tam faen)
04. กอดน้องนอนหนาว (kot nong non nao)
05. ออกพรรษาจะมาแต่ง (ok phansa cha ma taeng)
06. ลำเกี้ยวสาวส่ำน้อย (lam kieow sao sam noi)
07. ลาน้องไปจัดรายการ (la nong pai chat rai kan)
08. คอยรักนักจัดรายการ (khoi rak nak chat rai kan)
sung by ธิดา บ้านดอน (thida bandon)
09. ลำเพลินลำเกี้ยวแม่ฮ้าง (lam phloen lam kieow mae hang)
10. สะเวดสะเวน (sawet sawen)
11. สัญญาเดือนสี่ (sanya duean si)
12. อีทุยทิ้งทุ่ง (i thui thing thung)

this week, some great isan groove from the one & only dao bandon! dao was born and raised in yasothon province, the son of poor farmers. after 4th grade, his family couldn't afford to continue sending him to school, and he was given into monkhood. it was here that he realized his significant vocal gifts, by way of the rhythmic chant & preaching required by his vocation. he was soon discovered by songwriter thepphabut satirotchomphu, who guaranteed him a career as molam when he left the monastery. dao soon gave up his robes, and theppabhut made good on his promise.. dao quickly won success singing his luk thung-influenced molam, and would in fact become the first molam ever to sell one million copies! he was frequently in the charts both with his own recordings and with songs he crafted for his many disciples (one of whom won a spot on this album!). a major figure in the music of isan, dao bandon now sings for you! enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talkin about! great!
any idea what year this is from?

peter said...

glad you like it!
hmm.. i think i've seen 2522 (1979) as a possible date, which sounds about right, i'd say..

Anonymous said...

tried DLing this twice now and doesnt work, but as no one else seems to have had problems i can only assume its TrueCorp's useless internet service at fault, so I'll try again tomorrow.

really want to hear this album. so thanks, both for this and the site in general...

peter said...

sorry you're having trouble.. being at TrueCorp's mercy myself now, i can sympathize! let me know if you're still unable to get the album, maybe we can work out another way!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!

I'll link in on my blog, in Brazil.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE this record!! Thanks for the upload, I'm not so sure of your opinion on the Sublime Frequencies stuff--but it would RULE if you could post/send me another artist featured on one of their comps full record...... Kwanjai and Kwanjit Sriripijian (sp?). I LOVE the two songs on the comp but when i search for full records their all post 1980 and pretty lame... any help?? Thanks in advance, this blog RULES!!!!

peter said...

thanks anonymous!
you'll be pleased to know i have some stuff coming up by khwanchit. it's some of her later work... not 80's-sounding, but rather in a more traditional folk vein.. hope you will enjoy it!

Anonymous said...


Are you able to re up this? Dying to hear it.


peter said...

new link is up now!