Thursday, December 3, 2009

pong prida: sao fang khong

singer: ปอง ปรีดา (pong prida)
album: สาวฝั่งโขง (sao fang khong)
01. สาวฝั่งโขง (sao fang khong)
02. สาวอยู่บ้านได๋ (sao yu ban dai)
03. สาวป่าซาง (sao pa sang)
04. เที่ยวฝั่งโขง (thieow fang khong)
05. เจ้าสาวไปใส (chao sao pai sai)
06. เดือนคล้อยคอยสาว (duean khloi khoi sao)
07. รำวงเชียงน้อย (ramwong chiang noi)
08. ค่ำคืนนี้พี่นอนหนาว (kham khuen ni phi non nao)
09. น้องนางบ้านนา (nong nang ban na)
10. เหรียญดอลล์ (rian doll)
11. คอยสาวค่อนคืน (khoi sao khon khuen)
12. กลิ่นฟางสาบสาว (klin fang sap sao)
13. เพื่อน (phuean)
14. ตามนาง (tam nang)
15. เตือนหญิง (tuean ying)
16. อีสานก้าวหน้า (isan kao na)

this week, it's luk thung veteran pong prida with his great high tone and delightful whistle. born in khon kaen province in isaan, pong grew up studying carpentry but secretly harbored ambitions to become a singer like his idol, somyot thasanaphan. eventually he dropped out & made the trip to bangkok, where he auditioned for many groups (including somyot's) but was denied from all. following this failure, he went back & forth between working factory jobs, boxing, and monkhood, all the while desperately sticking to his dream. his tenacity caught the sympathy of nakhon thanomsap (the entertainer best known for his blackface character, "gungadin"), who took him under his wing & got him spots on records, playing khaen or whistling for stars like suraphon sombatcharoen. in a short while he would be recording his own tunes and touring the nation! in time he returned to isaan, where he formed a group which performed locally in udon thani and across the border in laos, before settling down as a farmer. here now are his sad songs, for you to enjoy!


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Jerom said...

Can you please re-upload this album?
I like his sad songs a lot!