Tuesday, December 22, 2009

phensi phongsi: luk thung sao so

singer: เพ็ญศรี ผ่องศรี (phensi phongsi)
album: ลูกทุ่งสาวซอ (luk thung sao so)
01. น้ำตาเมียหลวง (nam ta mia luang)
02. แม่หม้ายซาอุ (mae mai sa u)
03. เสียงครวญจากสาวนา (siang khruan chak sao na)
04. เบื่อผัวขี้เมา (buea phua khi mao)
05. หัวอกลูกไป๊ (hua ok luk pai)
06. กินน้ำใต้ศอก (kin nam tai sok)
07. สาวเหนือเปิดอก (sao nuea poet ok)
08. ชาตินี้น้องลา (chat ni nong la)
09. สาวน้อยสมัครรัก (sao noi samak rak)
10. สาวซอรอรัก (sao so ro rak)

bit of a strange one this week; luk thung ล้านนา (lanna), from far up north. this singer, phensi phongsi, is a real unknown.. she sings in the northern thai or คำเมือง (kham mueang) language, which is very unusual to hear in luk thung. i found this cassette in chiang mai, in a dark musty old tape shop that almost certainly had not updated its inventory since the early 90's at the very latest. the cover seemed to me to advertise the presence of a ซอ (so) fiddle, but what we've got is something of an album-length medley of popular luk thung melodies over a drum kit & sax-driven molam-influenced groove. i'm not complaining!


Terry Way said...

Great site. Love the music but would love to get lyrics translated. Any ideas?

peter said...

thanks! yeah, i would love to have translations as well; i've attempted some myself.. every now and then i can find some of the lyrics online, but never in english.

john francis lee said...

I just tried to download but the server said the file was gone. Is that the case, or is the file still available somehow?

I just found your site, directed by a friend. This is very, very good of you. Thanks!

Please keep up the good work.

peter said...

hi john!
yes, this file seems to have mysteriously disappeared, but i've put a new link up now... please let me know if you have any further problems, and thanks so much for letting me know!