Wednesday, August 5, 2009

rock khong khoy: sieow woi

band: ร็อคคงคย (rock khong khoy)
album: เสียวโว้ย (sieow woi)
01. เจิ๊ตเอ๋ยเจิ๊ต (choet oei choet)
02. เสียวโว้ย (sieow woi)
03. ร็อกคงคย (rock khong khoy)
04. ตอบร็อกคงคย (top rock khong khoy)
05. ไอ้หนุ่มก่อสร้าง (ai num ko sang)
06. ทานอเนียงนอ (tha no niang no)
07. เขมรอกหัก (khmer ok hak)
08. กลองยาวคงคย (klong yao khong khoy)
09. วอนวัยรุ่น (won wairun)
10. รักมีพิษ (rak mi phit)
11. เขมรพลิกคลวน (khmer phlik khluan)
12. ลำซิ่ง พอกันที (lam sing pho kan thi)

this week something quite different.. kantruem rock from isaan! kantruem (กันตรึม) is the music of the khmer people in the southern edge of thailand's northeast, on the border with cambodia. much like contemporary molam, modern kantruem is characterized by elements of the minority's folksong superimposed upon local thai pop song structure. rock khong khoy from surin were one of the first hit bands of the genre, and i believe still perform, albeit with a rotating roster.. i'm not sure whether this was their debut, but i know it features their original line-up, some of whom have since died. the sound is very rough, synth-violin over drum machine, with rhythmic vocals sung in khmer surin dialect. enjoy!


peter said...

version ภาษาไทย

Rootsman Vince said...

Thanks. Brilliant album. I was finally able to identify it with the help of your post

peter said...

yeah, isn't it great? did you get it very long ago? i was pleased to hear it still getting play on thai radio.. even in bangkok!

Anonymous said...

Do you still have a download for this album? I listen to the track Sieow Woi since many years ago, because a friend recorded it from a vinyl collection. But I never found any more tracks on the Internet...

Cheers from Brazil~

peter said...

hi anonymous! there's a more recent version of this post with an active download link here:

Unknown said...

I got it in 1998 in pattaya after hearing it at one of the beer bars