Sunday, August 23, 2009

yui yatyoe: yui pen sao laeo 3

singer: ยุ้ย ญาติเยอะ (yui yatyoe)
album: ยุ้ย เป็นสาวแล้ว 3 (yui pen sao laeo 3)
01. ขึ้นเอ๊า ขึ้นเอา (khuen ao khuen ao)
02. โชคดีที่รู้กัน (chokh di thi ru kan)
03. จดหมายค้างคืน (chot mai khang khuen)
04. สาวนาแดดเดียว (sao na daet dieow)
05. โสดจริงหรือเปล่า (sot ching rue plao)
06. รอวันแต่ง (ro wan taeng)
07. เจ๊าะแจ๊ะจัง (chochae chang)
08. ไม่เชื่อหรอก (mai chuea rok)
09. โทษฉันได้ไง (thot chan dai ngai)
10. ปิดประตูตีแมว (pit pratu ti maeo)

this week some "modern" luk thung... from 1995 (พ.ศ. 2538) to be precise. yui yatyoe had been a performer in the band of phumphuang duangchan since the age of 9, and after phumpuang's death, was looked to by many as the best hope of filling the gap left by her early passing; few singers beside yui could come close to matching phumpuang's range vocally or emotionally, or exude the same coquettish charm. in fact, yui proved such an effective substitute that rumours abounded of her being a secret daughter of phumpuang.. though not many believe that nowadays. her sound is typical of the 90's guitar & keyboard workstation-driven pop luk thung.. some very catchy tunes!


peter said...

version ภาษาไทย

Anonymous said...

ขอบคุณมากครับ ที่แบ่งปันให้เรื่อยๆ ขอบคุณอีกครั้งในที่ตั้งใจให้

mr bonkers said...

Yiu certainly lacks a closeness to fans which is a characteristic of luktung. I first saw her in 2001 and when presently with a Cd to sign she just scribbled all over it, rude I thought. I did get her to do a proper one a few years later though. I love her voice, but she has released too many albums over the years and this along with her standoffishness has not done her career any favors.