Thursday, May 5, 2022

suphap daoduangden: lam phloen yuk mai

artist: สุภาพ ดาวดวงเด่น (suphap daoduangden)
album: ลำเพลิน ยุคใหม่ (lam phloen yuk mai)
01. ลำเพลิน ยุคใหม่ (lam phloen yuk mai)
02. ลำเพลิน สุภาพหาคู่ (lam phloen suphap ha khu)
03. ลำเพลินเกี้ยวลำเพลิน (lam phloen kiao lam phloen)
04. ลำเพลิน เดินนิทาน (lam phloen doen nithan)
05. ลำเพลิน อีสานสามัคคี (lam phloen isan samakkhi)
06. ลำเพลินสลับเดินกลอน (lam phloen salap doen klon)
07. ลำเพลิน หนังบักตื้อ (lam phloen nang bak tue)
08. หมอลำหาคู่ (molam ha khu)

this week, some excellent lam phloen from suphap daoduangden! a native of roi-et, suphap trained from a young age as a molam with achan buapha phansaen of ubon. she was first picked up by pho mahan nakhonchai for his troupe, and later by the phet burapha group, playing the lead parts in their lam rueang to klon performances1. she would go on to work with thepphabut satirotchomphu and the siang siam label, making classic recordings of both molam and luk thung isan, including today's selections.. enjoy!


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Aaahh...finally some edgier Thai sounds again...prefer this...coincidentally I saw an interview with here on YouTube a few days ago...the interview itself was uploaded 3 years ago and it seems she sympathized at that time with the future forward party...Thomas B.