Sunday, May 22, 2022

chaichana bunnachot: chai nang muean thang rot

artist: ชัยชนะ บุญนะโชติ (chaichana bunnachot)
album: ใจนางเหมือนทางรถ (chai nang muean thang rot)
01. ใจนางเหมือนทางรถ (chai nang muean thang rot)
02. ทำบุญกันเถิด (tham bun kan thoet)
03. ทำบุญสร้างวัด (tham bun sang wat)
04. รักกระจาย (rak krachai)
05. ชะนีหน้าดำ (chani na dam)
06. ชมสาว (chom sao)
07. ชมหนุ่ม (chom num)
08. สมาคมโลกตับแข็ง (samakhom lok tap khaeng)
09. เช้าแบนเย็นแบน (chao baen yen baen)
10. เพลงไม่เมา (phleng mai mao)
11. ชีวิตเด็กวัด (chiwit dek wat)
12. เพลงเกี่ยวข้าว (phleng kiao khao)
13. นิ่งเสียเถิดน้อง (ning sia thoet nong)
14. ขบถรัก (khabot rak)
15. แผ่นดินไม่สิ้นคนดี (phaendin mai sin khon di)
16. น้ำตาลูกทุ่ง (nam ta luk thung)
17. ขันหมากชัยชนะ (khan mak chaichana)

this week, luk thung classics from national artist mr. chaichana bunnachot! hailing from central thailand's chachoengsao province, chaichana grew up working on a mango plantation before joining his uncle's liké troupe, where he learned to sing all manner of folksong. eventually, he left for bangkok with his brother and the two sang at bus terminals throughout the city, earning some renown as street performers. chaichana soon turned his talents towards the new style being pioneered by khamron sambunnanon, which would come to be known as luk thung. he came to the attention of bandleader phayong mukda, who arranged his first recordings in 1958. from there he worked with other songwriters like phaibun butkhan and phiphat boribun before eventually coming into his own as a songsmith. for many generations chaichana has been a star performer and mentor to younger singers, and still performs occasionally at the age of 80! this cassette bears the same title as one we've heard here before, but while the lead single is a re-recording of an earlier hit, the rest is new content.. enjoy! 


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