Sunday, June 20, 2021

mai waenthip: saeo phu bao

artist: ใหม่ แว่นทิพย์ (mai waenthip)
album: แซวผู้บ่าว (saeo phu bao)
01. แซวผู้บ่าว (saeo phu bao)
02. ปวดหัวเพราะผัวเขา (puat hua phro phua khao)
03. เอกอีสาน (ek isan)
04. สาวนาขาดรัก (sao na khat rak)
05. อุ้มท้องไปกินดอง (um thong pai kin dong)
06. บ้านนอกหลอกกัน (ban nok lok kan)
07. สาวใหม่รำพัน (sao mai ramphan)
08. คอยหมอแคน (khoi mo khaen)
09. ถึงดังยังห่วงแม่ (thueng dang yang huang mae)
10. ผิดหวังยังคอย (phit wang yang khoi)
11. ห่วงพี่ (huang phi)
12. บ่เคยมีแฟน (bo khoei mi faen)

this week, more great isan pop from mai waenthip! long ago, we had a different compilation of hers with about a 75% overlap, but i figured it was worth sharing for the slight upgrade in sound quality, plus 3 additional songs! mai is a resident of khon kaen and a longtime member of the sin sang thong molam group, although she had to step away a little while ago (after over 25 years!), due to health concerns. this 1989 cassette from siam sound features our recently departed a. num phuthai and his band, over words and music from thepphon phet-ubon, "botan" (who i believe is thepphon's wife, phikun bunsuk), and "phonsuphon", who i'm unfamiliar with). 12 classic tracks of luk thung isan.. enjoy!


musiclover said...

Have you thought about ripping the tapes to FLAC instead of MP3? Best format to archive and preserve music forever! Thanks for all this great music!!

peter said...

hi musiclover! i've kind of been considering it.. i record everything as WAV so it's no issue to covert over to whatever other format is most popular.. maybe i should do a poll or something? i prefer mp3 myself but i don't know about others..

musiclover said...

FLAC can be converted to MP3 and other lossy formats if people need the space. I think you've so much good music here that's a real archive and FLAC would be the best format to keep it for the future, but it's your blog so do as you like. I will keep enjoying it anyway!