Tuesday, September 18, 2018

phloen phromdaen: lung di khi mao

artist: เพลิน พรหมแดน (phloen phromdaen)
album: ลุงดีขี้เมา (lung di khi mao)
01. ลุงดีขี้เมา (lung di khi mao)
02. คนชอบเหล้า (khon chop lao)
03. สมาคมขี้เมา (samakhom khi mao)
04. เมืองนักปราชญ์ (mueang nak prat)
05. นานที่มีครั้ง (nan thi mi khrang)
06. ผู้ใหญ่พัฒนา (phu yai phatthana)
07. ลุงพัดหนังเหนียว (lung phat nang niao)
08. หนุ่มน้อยฝอยข่าว (num noi foi khao)
09. อยากดังฟังทางนี้ (yak dang fang thang ni)
10. คึกลิดคิดลึก (khueklit khit luek)

this week, 10 more solid-gold classics from mr. phloen phromdaen, the "king of talking music"! phloen grew up in aranyaprathet on the cambodian border, where he worked on his parents' farm. at age 20, a radio contest win landed him a spot in a local ramwong band. following that stint, he headed for bangkok to join the burgeoning luk thung scene, using his own savings to record original songs. eventually these sessions produced his massive hit "chom thung", which won him a spot among the biggest stars of the era, and even starring roles in several films. it was at this point that phloen became interested in comedy and inventive ways to incorporate clever wordplay and skits into his tracks. the result was phleng phut or "talking music", which is exactly what it sounds like: phloen will stop the music in the middle of a song to engage in witty asides with his bandmates. thai-language comprehension, of course, will help in appreciating the skits and the clever lyrics in general, but luckily the music is great on its own, featuring some of the hardest-hitting funk sounds to be found in 1970s thailand.. enjoy!



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Amazing tape! Any chance for a FLAC upload of this one?

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