Tuesday, September 25, 2018

nutchari siracha: khuen pai hua chai cham

artist: นุชจรี ศรีราชา (nutchari siracha)
album: ขึ้นป้ายหัวใจช้ำ (khuen pai hua chai cham)
01. ทองปลอม (thong plom)
02. หลอกหนูหรือเปล่า (lok nu rue plao)
03. มือถือไมค์หัวใจร้องไห้ (mue thue mike hua chai rong hai)
04. อีแหววสิ้นหวัง (iwaeo sin wang)
05. ไม่รักหรอก (mai rak rok)
06. เสียงจากนุชจรี (siang chak nutchari)
07. มันน่าไหมเนี๊ยะ (man na mai nia)
08. อุ๊ยตายแฟนใคร (ui tai faen khrai)
09. ชอบคนมีสี (chop khon mi si)
10. คิดฮอดอีสาน (khit hot isan)

nutchari was born to a poor family in chonburi on thailand's eastern seaboard and got her start singing early. by age 5 she was performing at village festivities, and at age 9 she appeared onstage at a local concert of phumphuang duangchan. eventually she was asked to join anothai promotions, home of yingyong yotbuangam, and made her first recorded appearance with an answer song to the star singer. after that company folded, she joined with m-star to record the cassette we're hearing today. during this period she had become a close disciple of thotsaphon himaphan, and the influence of his lae-luk thung style can be heard on several tracks, especially the single (track 4). after this album, she left m-star for thotsaphon's four 's, at which point she really started gaining momentum: she was famous for her hectic schedule, often playing 4 concerts in a day. sadly, her career was brought to a tragic end after a traffic accident on tour left her incapacitated, with her face and voice forever altered. today, however, she's fully recovered and has even begun performing again. enjoy!

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