Thursday, April 11, 2013

suntharaphon: talung phrama lethethai

artist: สุนทราภรณ์ (suntharaphon)
album: ตลุงพระมะเหลเถไถ (talung phrama lethethai)
01. ตลุงพระมะเหลเถไถ (talung phrama lethethai)
02. ตลุงเริงสุข (talung roeng suk)
03. ตลุงพาชื่น (talung pha chuen)
04. ตลุงชาวทะเล (talung chao thale)
05. ตลุงคู่ชื่น (talung khu chuen)
06. ตลุงตากับยาย (talung ta kap yai)
07. ตลุงปีใหม่ (talung pi mai)
08. ตลุงสงกรานต์ (talung songkran)
09. ตลุงตุงนัง (talung tung nang)
10. โฮกป๊ก (hok pok)
11. หลงคอย (long khoi)
12. ขำจริง (kham ching)
13. นึกว่าไม่ใช่ (nuek wa mai chai)
14. ตลุงวันเพ็ญ (talung wan phen)
15. ตลุงคืนลอยกระทง (talung khuen loy krathong)
16. ตลุงสุขสันต์บันเทิง (talung suk san banthoeng)
17. ตลุงวันดี (talung wan di)

the next couple days in thailand will be devoted to songkran, the solar new year's celebration!  the holiday finds its most obvious expression through the throwing of water, with people of all ages running rampant through the streets with flowery shirts, buckets, squirt-guns & talc.  but it's also a locus of merit-making throughout the kingdom, in particular the bathing of buddha images, and a time to return home and care for your elders.  our cassette today features a general sampling of thai holiday songs from the suntharaphon band (songkran features on track 8), done in talung style.  inspired by the captivating rhythms heard in the southern thai shadow puppet theatre, talung was one of several state-sponsored local responses to the international dance crazes sweeping thai popular culture mid-century.  big band/big beats.. enjoy!




Wow! khob koon mak mak khrab and happy songkran Peter!
I love those kinds of happy duets, it reminds me a lot of the vintage thai movie soundtracks, especially the wiwa pha fan (o.s.t.) you posted a while ago.

Dolmance said...

This is a wonderful album. It sounds very much like that other wonderful album you gave us a few months ago -- lilat, vol. 1. I'm wondering if it shares some of the same line up, particularly the vocalists.

Anyway, thank you so much. I really do love this one.

peter said...

thanks, michel! hope you had a good one, too!

and dolmance.. i don't have an exact accounting of the singers on here, but you're definitely correct, there should be a lot of overlap.. you're hearing the voices of loet prasomsap & sisuda rattawan again here, for sure

Á Go-Gojira said...

I have an LP with the same cover art titled "ตลุงเท็มโป้ Taloung Tempo" (MLK-912 on the Metro "guitar" label). It has 12 songs, 9 of the titles the same as on this cassette, the other 3 is ตลุงชีวิตชื่น, ตลุงตายาย, and ตลุงสุขสันบันเทิง. The songs is credited to เลิศ ประสมทรัพย์ (loet prasomsap) and ชวลี ช่วงวิทย์ (chawali chuangwit).

Here's scans of the LP:

peter said...

oh, awesome.. thanks so much, gojira!
i assumed it was loet & his usual partner sisuda.. good to know it's chawali instead!

Unknown said...

re-upload please! I would love to hear this

Nicholas said...

Please re-upload this!

Alex Poe said...

My own rendition!!! Check it out!:

Got some some more tapes, check it out!! You're welcome, also, thank you for sending me the genre name!! I didn't know myself, so I google'd your profile/blog name and I'm glad I found it!! Right on.