Sunday, April 21, 2013

khana saman hongsa: lam sing sut... sut chut eo khang

artist: คณะ สมาน หงษา (khana saman hongsa)
album: ลำซิ่งสุด... สุด ชุด เอวค้าง (lam sing sut... sut chut eo khang)
01. เอวค้าง ตอน 1 (eo khang, pt. 1)
02. เอวค้าง ตอน 2 (eo khang, pt. 2)

this week, we hear once again from molam saman hongsa & his fantastic group of isan entertainers! mr. saman, from ubon ratchathani, is one of the greats in the world of lam performers. he's known to some degree outside of thailand as the leader of the isan slété group, who recorded & toured through the u.k. in the late 80's. within thailand, however, he's probably best remembered for his string of comedy albums (one of which has been presented here). this tape, from 1992, features he & fellow molam puinoi uraiwong trying out the lam sing style. sing, originally an english loanword (racing) from motorbike culture, means hip or up-to-date.  while integrating elements from modern pop (amps, drum-sets, risqué dance moves) the style preserves much of the overall context of lam tradition; vocal competition and battles of wordplay, male vs. female, performers vs. audience (though as you might predict, comedy and sexual innuendo take precendence over the didactic elements present in traditionalist lam). a dance mega-mix variety show.. enjoy!

MRPT174 by monrakplengthai


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amazing stuff on this blog. thank you sooooo much.

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Thanks for sharing ... I love your blog.

TJ Magsakay said...

It resembles Korean/Japanese tapes.