Monday, October 10, 2011

phraiwan lukphet: sao ban na thi na rak

artist: ไพรวัลย์ ลูกเพชร (phraiwan lukphet)
album: สาวบ้านนาที่น่ารัก (sao ban na thi na rak)
01. สาวบ้านนาที่น่ารัก (sao ban na thi na rak)
02. กลิ่นธูปควันเทียน (klin thup khwan thian)
03. สุดจาบัลย์ (sut chaban)
04. หน้าฝนอันแสนเศร้า (na fon an saen sao)
05. รักเธอ รักเธอ (rak thoe rak thoe)
06. เหมันต์ครวญ (heman khruan)
07. แผ่นดินไทย (phaen din thai)
08. เพลงรักเพลงคิดถึง (pleng rak pleng khit thueng)
09. ไร้ญาติเมื่อขาดเงิน (rai yat muea khat ngoen)
10. ลูก (luk)
11. เห็นใจแล้ว (hen chai laeo)
12. ห้ามใจรักไม่ได้ (ham chai rak mai dai)
13. บ่รักไผเท่านาง (bo rak phai thao nang)
14. คิดถึงอารีดัง (khit thueng aridang)
15. ข้าวคอยเคียว (khao khoi khieow)
16. เทพีของผม (thephi khong phom)
17. คาถารัก (khatha rak)

this week, another outstanding album from one of my favorite singers, mr. phraiwan lukphet! born in phetchaburi province, phraiwan was sent by his parents at an early age to join a local liké theatre troupe, but it was the world of popular music which called to him, and in time he left to join somphong wongrakthai's "bangkok cha cha cha" band. after this group dissolved, phraiwan was entrusted to suraphon sombatcharoen, in whose company he recorded his earliest hits (collected here). eventually he left suraphon's collective to persue a solo venture and with the aid of songwriter phaibun butkhan won massive reknown. his singing resonated through the film world especially, where he provided themes to many of the biggest motion pictures, two of which (mon rak luk thung and phlae kao) have been featured on this site. please enjoy the slow sweet sounds of phraiwan lukphet!!


Anonymous said...

hello there.... i've been looking everywhere for an old thai tape of mine by an artist named Daochai Phaichit... i think she had a few tapes and i'm not sure the name of the album i am looking for but it makes me cry everytime i hear it. If you happen to find any of her stuff.... it would be great if you could post it. you'll know the right tape when you start crying during the first song ( just like when we cry during the last song on the 'mon rak luk thung' soundtrack by kathleeya marasi). Khop Khun Krap!

peter said...

thanks for the request!
i put all of the daochai songs i have up here for you. there's also a tune of her's of on this compilation. none of them brought a tear to my eye, so the song you have in mind may still be at-large. let me know!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those songs... they aren't from the same tape i had and maybe i'm just a big sook anyway. the tape i had featured whirring reverberated keyboard lines throughout (may well have been the poor quality of the tape i had though)... anyway... maybe it will appear one day. Yes, and thanks for don's version of 'Loy Kratong'... had been looking for that for ages. Superb!

kevin said...

i like the two piano notes at the end