Wednesday, October 26, 2011

banyen kaewsiangthong + phensi phongsi

artist: บัญเย็น แก้วเสียงทอง + เพ็ญศรี ผ่องศรี (banyen kaewsiangthong + phensi phongsi)
album: คู่ขวัญ ซอเงินล้าน ชุด 4 (khu khwan so ngoen lan, vol. 4)
01. ผัวก๊ายเมีย (phua kai mia)
02. ฮักอย่าฮู้ก๊าย (hak ya hu kai)
03. คนซึงตึง (khon sueng tueng)
04. นางงามตกรอบ (nang ngam tok rop)
05. บ่าวเฒ่าง๋อมใจ (bao thao ngom chai)
06. เสี่ยงดวง (siang duang)
07. เมียหาย (mia hai)
08. หัวอกแม่ค้า (hua ok mae kha)
09. ยิ่งแก่ยิ่งมัน (ying kae ying man)
10. น้ำตาตกใน (nam ta tok nai)

some great northern songs this week, brought to us by the fantastic duo of banyen kaewsiangthong & phensi phongsi! we have heard from phensi here before.. she and banyen are probably the two biggest names in chiang mai-style thai country song. they sing to a standard early 90's sax & synth-driven molam luk thung with influences from local lanna culture; melodic sensibilities and lyrics evocative of the region, sprinkled with words from the local kham mueang language. very nice and rather unique sound, hope you enjoy!!


Holly said...

I cannot articulate why in the world I like this, but, tonight, I do :-)

Paul K said...

Thanks for another nice one Peter. I smiled a bit at your comment that this is "rather unique"! I'm not sophisticated enough to tell the difference between this and a 100 other luk thung records. But that is just as well because I like it ALL!!

Bruno Costantini / Cheb Bû said...

Hey ! I really like your stuff, I found you're blog two days ago and I really enjoy it...
I searching some thaï music that maybe you've posted but to win time I should ask you : do you have some Ram Muay (the music for Muay Thaï...but for sure you already know)...
Or maybe you know a cyber place where I can found it...
Thank you and greatings from France

peter said...

hi bruno!
you can find muay thai music by clicking the 'pleng muay' tab to the side. so far is this is the only album, but there may be more in the future.

thai music said...

Hi Peter,

Do you have a link for me to download it. Thanks

peter said...

yes, click "tracklist" in the main post