Wednesday, February 2, 2011

phongsi woranut: duan phitsawat

artist: ผ่องศรี วรนุช (phongsi woranut)
album: ด่วนพิศวาส (duan phitsawat)
01. ด่วนพิศวาส (duan phitsawat)
02. วิมานในฝัน (wiman nai fan)
03. อนิจจาความรัก (anitcha khwam rak)
04. อาวรณ์รัก (awon rak)
05. จันทร์ครึ่งดวง (chan khrueng duang)
06. ลานเทลานระทม (lan the lan rathom)
07. ช้ำกว่าตกตาล (cham kwa tok tan)
08. บางสาวไห้ (bang sao hai)
09. คอยพี่กลับนา (khoi phi klap na)
10. คุณพี่ขี่เก๋ง (khun phi khi keng)
11. หากฉันจะรักคุณ (hak chan cha rak khun)
12. ฉันลองใจคุณ (chan long chai khun)
13. ฉันเห็นใจคุณแล้ว (chan hen chai khun laeo)
14. หลอกฉันเข้าอีกแล้ว (lok chan khao ik laeo)

this week, more great songs from luk thung legend and national artist phongsi woranut! phongsi grew up in chainat province, sellings sweets with her mother from a rafthouse on the chao phrya. she started out performing in local street theatre troupes, and rose to fame with her wildly popular responses to the hits of suraphon sombatcharoen, giving luk thung it's first female star. but their friendly rivalry turned serious and phongsi struck out on her own, starting her own band which would launch the careers of many future stars (most notably sayan sanya). the songs on this collection are some of her earliest, recorded between the years 1958 and 1963. very sweet old-fashioned sounds here, enjoy!


øשlqæda said...

sweetie pye phongsi, ooooo you send me. ขอบคุณคุณปีเตอร์

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter! This is really great. I downloaded her other collections too. :)

Anonymous said...

Think she is 72 this year and has a first part of her auto biography in the shops at 200 baht, have not been able to find it yet. Not a favorite voice of mine, but have met her once and seen her sing a few times, very nice lady.

peter said...

ah wow, i would love to read her autobiography.. i have read some some great stories by her, she has such an insight into the early luk thung industry! i will have to find a way to get that in america, thanks for telling me!

and so glad you like her, dave & øשl! dave, see if you can spot any zhou xuan covers on those other collections!! phongsi does some really good ones

Anonymous said...

There was an article about her in dara pakayon magazine this week mentioning the book. She's 71 next year not 72. If I see the book will let you know.

Anonymous said...

peter just got the book, did email you but not reply. mrs has spoken to her at length on phone and very impressed. The book itself is very well produced with many interesting photo's. No read it yet, well worth 200 baht which she gives to charity anyway. She is appearing at the weekend so if you want me to try and get you the book let me know- peter (Pim Payom fan)