Monday, October 11, 2010

carabao: prachathipatai

artist: คาราบาว (carabao)
album: ประชาธิปไตย (prachathipatai)
01. ตาตี๋ (tati)
02. ประชาธิปไตย (prachathipatai)
03. ผู้ทน (phu ton)
04. เจ้าตาก (chao tak)
05. พ่อ (pho)
06. ถึกควายทุย ภาค 7 (thuek khwai thui, pt. 7)
07. วันเด็ก (wan dek)
08. มหาจำลอง รุ่น 7 (maha cham long, run 7)
09. มรดกเฮงซวย (moradok heng suai)
10. ค. ควาย ค. คน (kh. khwai kh. khon)

this week we'll hear once more from the biggest thai rock band of all time... the legendary carabao! often compared to u2, today carabao divide their time between music, social activism and corporate endorsements, but they came from a humbler beginning. founded in 1976 by two thai students studying in the philippines, carabao introduced a harder edge to the folksy pleng puea chiwit genre, bringing the genre to the national spotlight. this album, from 1986, features the band at their most electronic, replete with drum pads and synthesizer riffs, and even a few cues possibly taken from the fledgling industrial music scene of the time. enjoy!!


Casey said...

cool fun stuff
thanks for the awesome dope post

Unknown said...

totally killer.

what an incredible video!

peter said...

isn't it awesome?

i love the mime.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have info of the 'social activism'? I always see him as a businessman dressed up in street gear who sold out a long time ago. What has he ever done for people? where are all the songs about corruption and injustice?

peter said...

well certainly aed is no stranger to corporate endeavors (i believe i mentioned as much in the entry here..), but i believe they do try to present an element of social consciousness in their lyrics. this album is called "democracy" and contains lyrics about the disenfranchisement felt by many thai people. of course this album is over a 2 decades old, but i think aed still participates in social causes.. his work with the shan independence movement comes to mind, for instance. of course you can question his sincerity in these matters, much as you might bono from u2's, but i think it's disingenuous to say it isn't there at all. can you understand thai? i imagine it would be easy to miss out on the lyrical content if you didn't.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Personally I just don't like his music, but I would not say as I have seen some others say that some of his output is 'xenophobic'and too nationalistic.
He might have had some social concerns many years ago, so with all the problems in Thailand today you might have thought such a campaigner, as he promotes himself as would have had a field day with his lyrics. What was his last hit about? husband and wife fighting it out.
You have to admire them though as they have been going 30 years and a lot of people still like them.
Many Thai signers support charities and social causes but feel it is better not to make it well known.

Cao Sao Vang said...

Peter can you reupload it? :) "Permission Denied"

peter said...

thanks so much for letting me know!
new link is up now

Cao Sao Vang said...

Much Thanks!!!