Thursday, September 30, 2010

chaloemphon malakham: songsan khon ban klai

artist: เฉลิมพล มาลาคำ (chaloemphon malakham)
album: สงสารคนบ้านใกล้ (songsan khon ban klai)
01. สงสารคนบ้านใกล้ (songsan khon ban klai)
02. จดหมายคนจน (chot mai khon chon)
03. คิดถึงอดีต (khit thueng adit)
04. อยากมีเมีย (yak mi mia)
05. บักเขียวพาเพ (bak khieow pha phe)
06. รักแรกพบ (rak raek phop)
07. กลับบ้านนาเถิดน้อง (klap ban na thoet nong)
08. หยุดเถิดหัวใจ (yut thoet hua chai)
09. เย้ยกันทำไม (yoei kan thammai)
10. เมียใจร้ายแม่ยายทีเด็ด (mia chai rai mae yai thi det)

more great sounds from isaan this week, courtesy of mr. chaloemphon malakham! chaloemphon is from surin province in southern isaan and like most modern stars, made his way to the stage through local singing contests. he recorded his first album in 1985, becoming one of the pioneering singers of the molam-influenced luk thung isaan style that still dominates thai country radio today. chaloemphon is perhaps better known as a songwriter (for the likes of poifai malaiphon & other siang isaan stars), but he has a great many hit records to his name as well, often singing alongside phimpha phonsiri. he's recorded in a number of styles, from kantruem & lam phu tai to luk thung ballads, but this tape seems to be mostly straightforward lam phloen, carried by sax & synth with some great distorted guitar leads sprinkled in as well. enjoy!


Holly said...

I'm loving this sunny music, thank you very much, Peter!

benji said...

Could you re-up this one?