Thursday, July 29, 2010

sai sai mao: ahmadaya shan tei su mya

artist: sai sai mao
album: ahmadaya shan tei su mya, vol. 2
01. yuen mok ha pa pi le
02. pong nong mi kay
03. khaaw jaam khay han
04. te hak naang ko
05. mo hum
06. taang hak naue pan
07. pen loy waasanaa
08. hue kwaang lot meng pueng
09. unknown title
10. instrumental
11. nong khay yu laue
12. loe se maak ho tsaue
13. pi naang me haang
14. kwaam hak naue tsaue
15. en aan kaang tsaue
16. kop mi wot sang
17. am soe lay moe pong yaan
18. unknown title
19. instrumental
20. instrumental

this week we have another fantastic album from shan rock icon sai sai mao! a member of the shan (or tai yai) ethnic group, sai sai mao was born in burma, in the chinese border town of mu se, and often traveled with his grandfather between northern thailand and taungyi in shan state. at age 15 he picked up the guitar, and 3 years later was performing for shan communities in chiang rai. sai sai mao's broadcasts on radio thailand were eagerly received both locally and across the border in burma, where his songs, such as "likhommai panglong", about burma's unfilfulled promise of shan independence, were banned. sai mao cut most of his early albums in chiang mai or bangkok while serving in the shan state army, the rebel faction who funded his recordings. an estimated 75% of popular music in burma consists of "copy songs" (foreign songs rewritten in local languages), and sai mao is no exception. his songs are quite reliant on chinese melodies, though i feel that he imbues them with a nostalgic sentiment and unpolished urgency very much apart from the originals. hope you enjoy!

many thanks to alif silpachai for help with shan script!


theroseycross said...

this post is king

Stuart said...

Thanks Peter! Never can have enough Shan Rock.

Casey said...

just discovered your blog thanks to
posting on the side.
the thai image caught my eye.
We'll Ive kind burned out my radio thailand cd so super excited to know this exists.
want to say thank you so much for sharing out here.
now i got my thai tape homework to do.

Anonymous said...

Hí Friend,
PlS,need your help. You know the name of this song and the the orchestra. remember has submitted in your blog some Arabic music. I wonder if the melody is Arabic.

thanks for your information.
Alexis Galeano Toro
U.S.A California

Anonymous said...

this looks great as well, please re-up if you can!

Anonymous said...

hi peter! there are so many albums that i've been wanting to listen to on this blog. this is one of the many with a dead link. any chance you can repost this? it would be greatly appreciated! thanks again for everything on this blog!

jifhdfsjdfs said...
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Anonymous said...

sai hsai mao is one of my favorite artists. here's volume 4 in the series: still looking for the other two...

i hope you have more shan cassettes to share. i've been able to find quite a few tapes on the web, but it's still really difficult finding any information at all.


Alex Poe said...

Just sent my own blog!!

And I'll send my own collection of Shan music and more!!

Also, don't mean to criticize you, I'm very glad you spread this music around, but this is NOT "stereo", it's NOT Burmese music. It is "Shan" music. These days they call it "old guitar".

That's it, you're welcome!!

tkpyamamoto2529 said...

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