Wednesday, July 14, 2010

phimpha phonsiri: nam ta mia sa u

artist: พิมพา พรศิริ (phimpha phonsiri)
album: น้ำตาเมียซาอุฯ (nam ta mia sa u)
01. น้ำตาเมียซาอุฯ (nam ta mia sa u)
02. สาวหมอลำจำได้ (sao molam cham dai)
03. หลบหน้าที่มาเลย์ (lop nathi malay)
04. ทนหนาวไม่ไหว (thon nao mai wai)
05. รักสิบล้อ (rak sip lo)
06. รักคนขับรถ (rak khon khap rot)
07. ตามหาสามี (tam ha sami)
08. คนรักที่ฉันรอ (khon rak thi chan ro)
09. อกหักเพราะรักครู (ok hak phro rak khru)
10. พูดแทงใจดำ (phut thaeng chai dam)
11. บ่ลืมถิ่น (bo luem thin)
12. รอวาสนา (ro watsana)
13. กลัวตกอีแต๋น (klua tok itaen)
14. ทิดหวังนั่งเศร้า (thit wang nang sao)
15. น้องแดงแกล้งหยอก (nong daeng klaeng yok)
16. สงสารช่างซ่อม (songsan chang som)

this week, we've got some great "modern" isaan sounds from phimpha phonsiri! phimpha, from chaiyaphum, was one of the earliest stars to mix luk thung & molam sounds, in a style which dominates thailand's country music scene today. with capable songwriter soraphet phinyo at the helm, she delivers a great collection of luk thung isaan, with a rock band backing and even would-be indian & arabic flourishes, owing to the album's lyrical content... phimpha is chronicling the trials of a wife whose husband has left to work in "sa u", the thai nickname for saudi arabia, which drew a steady stream of migrants from thailand in the 80's, before it was cut short by the blue diamond affair. enjoy!


Calombo, Quilombo, Colombo. said...

Hello Peter,

i'm usually more the quiet follower, but i'd really like to show my appreciation for what you've been doing.

blogs like yours make the internet the cultural tool it should be in first place.

i've been getting thai music here for a long time, but just now i realize how awsome it is to be able to know and enjoy such wonderful and interesting music.

here in brazil, as i suppose you can imagine,it would never be possible to listen to Thai music. And particularly for myself, i would probably never be interested to know more about Thailand and it's culture.

thank you very much

peter said...

well thank you so much for breaking your silence... this comment means alot!

Markus said...

Along with blogging heroes mutant-sounds and growing bin, gems such as the ones on your blog would not see the light of day. So I would like to tip my hat to you sir and say "thanks".

Markus said...

Oh and I also wanted to comment on the actual tape itself. I haven't downloaded it yet but I have listened to the last phimpha tape you posted and it was bloody gorgeous. That lady is also very pretty and her voice flows in tandem so beautifully with the synth laden music.

peter said...

thanks markus!
i agree, her voice is perfect for this style! i actually prefer that other (later) tape over this one, myself.. both her voice & the integration of synthesized sounds are a little more mature, though it is interesting to hear the genre a bit earlier on in it's progression here!