Friday, April 23, 2010

sutrak aksonthong: nak rop ramphan

artist: สุดรัก อักษรทอง (sutrak aksonthong)
album: นักรบรำพัน (nak rop ramphan)
01. นักรบรำพัน (nak rop ramphan)
02. ชาวเรือฝากรัก (chao ruea fak rak)
03. หนุ่มมโนห์รา (num manora)
04. นาขาดน้ำพี่ขาดน้อง (na khat nam phi khat nong)
05. พอแล้วรักลวง (pho laeo rak luang)
06. ผิดหวังรักแรก (phit wang rak raek)
07. ดินกันคลอง (din kan khlong)
08. หวงน้อง (huang nong)
09. กองเชียร์สอื้น (kong cheer sauen)
10. เสียดายแฟน (sia dai faen)
11. ยามดึกนอนเดี่ยว (yam duek non dieow)
12. คืนฝนตก (khuen fon tok)
13. หนุ่มใต้ฝากรัก (num tai fak rak)
14. อยู่คอยใคร (yu khoi khrai)

here's another great album from down south, this time in a more popular vein. sutrak aksonthong is a luk thung singer from nakhon si thammarat, but besides his place of provenance, i can't find much info about him.. he often sings about having been a fisherman, though, so maybe that was his occupation before hitting the pop music stage? he's one of only a handful of big luk thung stars from thailand's south, and seems to have been in the same circle as sayan sanya and yodrak salakchai. the music here is great horn & organ-driven luk thung, with some heavy 70's disco/funk influence, and some serious southern-style percussion on a couple tracks. from what i can tell, sutrak is still working in the music sector, djing at various radio stations around nakhon. i'm really a fan of this one, hope you enjoy as well!


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icastico said...

Hmmmm....the rar has this cassette in it

kan phatthana khon

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hmm! are you sure you clicked the right 'tracklist' link? and downloaded "MRPT73.rar"? i just checked it out, and it and it matched up for me..

let me know if you're still having problems!

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Yep...I double checked that... MRPT73 sitting on my desktop.

I'll try again after work.

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Solved...never do this stuff mistake.

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heh, no problem at all! glad it worked out for you!

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