Sunday, June 28, 2009

the impossibles: raroeng chon

this week's post comes courtesy of radio personality & record-collector extraordinaire jesse kaminskyyou can hear his weekly fm broadcast the intercontinental on wmbr cambridge, wherein he plays music from just about anywhere you could think of.

band: ดิอิมพอสซิเบิ้ล (the impossibles)
album: ระเริงชล (raroeng chon)
01. ระเริงชล (raroeng chon)
02. จูบฟ้าลาดิน (chup fa la din)
03. มิสเตอร์สโลว์ (mister slow)
04. สาริกาหาคู่ (sarika ha khu)

the impossibles were the biggest of thailand's western-style pop ('string') groups throughout the "import-substitution" craze of the 1970's. this 45 rpm e.p. collects the band's songs from the 1971 (พ.ศ. 2514) film of the same name, starring sombat methani, phetchara chaowarat and sangthong sisai. the songs run the gamut from smooth, harmonic ballads & wah-funk to a noisy drum-driven finale, featuring friends from the film! lots of fun to be had, in spite of the short runtime.


peter said...

version ภาษาไทย

icastico said...

Love that preview track.

litlgrey said...

What an exceptional share - thank you!

querik said...

thanks a lot!

Brian Shimkovitz said...

you totally just posted the best impossibles jams i've ever heard! oh man, this brings me back to my extensive searches for these guys' tapes in the markets but i never saw this. great!

peter said...

yeah it's fantastic! i wonder where jesse found it.. the last track i seriously have never heard about elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

never seen this album b4, but ive got mr slowly on another impossibles or setha LP (i forget which). definitely one of their best tunes. its been my girlfriends ring-tone for the past few years

jesse said...

I am obliged under contract to not disclose my sources.

Thanks for doing all the great work on this post (and all of these here posts) Peter, this blog makes my life richer.
I'm just glad I could toss in my little ep here.


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Jo/No said...

I re-posted that brilliant Mr Slow over at my blog som 2 years ago but just realized I forgot to post a comment here. I fully credited and linked to your nice blog all along, though.

Much thanks for this one and oh so many others!

My post (with an additional world groove comp):

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