Sunday, June 14, 2009

moderndog: soem sukhaphap

band: โมเดิร์นด็อก (moderndog)
album: เสริมสุขภาพ (soem sukhaphap)
01. บุษบา (butsaba)
02. กะลา (kala)
03. ...ก่อน (...kon)
04. มานี (mani)
05. พรุ่งนี้ (phrungni)
06. เธอ (thoe)
07. ชีวิต (chiwit)
08. ทุเรียน (durian)
09. บางสิ่ง (bang sing)
10. หมดเวลา (mot wela) [demo]

moderndog were real pioneers in thailand's independent rock scene. this cassette, their 1994 (พ.ศ. 2537) debut, was likewise the inaugural release of historic thai indie label bakery music. they would go on to be the biggest act in thailand at various points, and likely most modern thai bands would acknowledge a debt of gratitude to them. their sound bears influence from contemporaneous western "alternative rock" bands, groups such as faith no more, radiohead or bad brains, and they boast an impressive range of dynamic and song style. many might recognize them from wisit sasanatieng's film หมานคร (ma nakhon) or "citizen dog", which featured heavily (and in numerous iterations) their hit "...ก่อน" (track 3 on this album). enjoy the sounds of moderndog!


peter said...

version ภาษาไทย

querik said...

how do you extract the RAR file? i tried it in TOTAL COMMANDER but he cannot read the files, I think because he does not recognise the thai letter type used for the songs :-(

peter said...

ah, try downloading the one from the main post, which you can reach by clicking the word "tracklist"! that will take you to a version free of thai characters, for those whose computers cannot read thai! hope this works!

Brian Shimkovitz said...

thanks so much for posting this, they're like the beatles to thai kids in their late 20s.

Fim Anugrah said...

Sawtdee Krub. Recently I decide to learn Thai after I saw Suckeed Movie long time ago. But Thai seems hard to be spoken, so I try learn thai through song. Thanks God I found Modern Dog in this site. If may, could you post more album from pop Thai songs so that I can download and learn more Thai? Thanks before. Greetings from Indonesia (PS)