Saturday, January 17, 2009

electone; international for dancing, vol. ii

artist: unknown
album: เพลงเต้นรำนานาชาติ electone; international for dancing, vol. ii
01. soran bushi
02. i can't stop loving you
03. aredang
04. i don't want to go home
05. rhythm of the rain
06. ring guo
07. i miss you
08. all for the love of a girl
09. let it be
10. when you return
11. sukiyaki
12. why do i love you so
13. arisan
14. japanese love
15. love is blue
16. lovely cloud
17. jambalaya
18. sayonara

a bit of an odd one this week... thai electone sounds! the yamaha corporation's electone organ was a pretty big hit in a lot of asian countries, thailand being no exception. while primarily thought of in the united states as a remnant of the "home electronic organ" trend of mid-century, the electone has become something of a studio staple in asia, and defines a great deal of thai pop especially. there are even big competitions held, presumedly to see who can get the most sound out of the thing! (see thailand's 2007 competitor, 14-year-old ปุณยาพร ลิ้มภักดีสถาพร (punyaphon limpakdeesathaphon) here!) this tape, which i can find hardly any information about, comprises mostly instrumental interpretations of foreign dance hits; american, japanese, korean, chinese, etc. strange and fun synth noises abound, and there's the occasional acoustic percussion (drum kit, bongos or what-have-you) supplementing the rhythm track; something like thai "library music"! there is no artist listed, just english song titles with the dance style indicated beside it in thai. if anyone happens to know who's playing, please do tell! otherwise, just enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful blog ! I love thai music but it's difficult for me to read and understand what's written on the sleeves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, I love stuff from other headspaces than the western one!

However, please note that sendspace was automatically redirecting that linked DL page to an ad for something, so now I am going to go scan for malware.

Anonymous said...

Great music! I guess you don't have Vol. 1, right?

peter said...

i don't! i almost did.. it had more american tunes instead of chinese, japanese, korean, etc. and also had a red cover instead of green, so i was more interested in this one.. maybe i will pick it up next trip! if you're in the neighbourhood (bangkok) you can get it at this record shop on samsen road between th. sukhothai & th. nakhonchaisi

J.Mil said...

Did the DL link expire on this, or am I blind?

Anonymous said...

thanx for the groovy music! Love it all.

peter said...

hmm, the download link is working fine for me! please let me know if you still can't get it!

jesse said...

another great post Peter, I'm slowly catching up on your blog today.

I know it's not a wurlitzer, but I'm picturing a Thai ice skating Zamboni break.

thanks again