Saturday, January 10, 2009

laongdao + sakaoduean: duan sai tai

singers: ละอองดาว + สกาวเดือน (laongdao + sakaoduean)
album: ด่วนสายใต้ (duan sai tai)
01. ด่วนสายใต้ (duan sai tai)
02. ไม่มีใครรักเธอเท่าฉัน (maimikhrai rak thoe thao chan)
03. รักฉันแล้วอย่ารักใครอีกนะ (rak chan laeo ya rak khrai ik na)
04. ให้เพราะความสงสาร (hai phro khwam songsan)
05. สอนน้อง (son nong)
06. คอยเธอ (khoi thoe)
07. แน่ต้องมาขอ (nae tong ma kho)
08. สาวนครชัยศรี (sao nakhon chaisi)
09. รักพี่เสียดายน้อง (rak phi siadai nong)
sung by ศักดิ์ชัย วันชัย (sakchai wanchai)
10. สามพราน (sam phran)
sung by ศักดิ์ชัย วันชัย (sakchai wanchai)
11. อย่าลืมสามพราน (ya luem sam phran)
12. สาวท่ายาง (sao tha yang)
13. ไม่ลืมท่ายาง (mai luem tha yang)
sung by พนมไพร ลูกเพชร (phanomphrai lukphet)
14. จับปลาสองมือ (chap pla song mue)

the singing twins laongdao + sakaoduean began life as champi and champa sothrabun of chachoengsao province. in their early teens, as the sisters' vocal talents became evident, their older brother dragged the two into the city, thinking to make stars of them. as it happened, they were discovered by none other than suraphon sombatcharoen! khun suraphon had been determined to acquire some female voices, in the hope of catching up to his rival of the fairer sex, phongsi woranut, whose popularity had been quickly surpassing his own. he adopted the girls, gave them their stage names ("stardust + pale moon") and took them on the road! they became an important part of suraphon's troupe, and went on to be pretty big stars in their own right! i think the twins are remembered mostly for their love songs, but their tough voices undercut any amount of lyrical schmaltziness!

a couple of the side 2 tracks are male-response style numbers, sung by two fellows i've never heard of (and who go uncredited on the tape; i had to track down their names myself!)


peter said...

version ภาษาไทย

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Looking forward to listening. Thanks as always. So far my favorites (if you are interested): บรรเลง โปงลาง (banleng ponglang); ชาตรี ศรีชล (chatri sichon); ดอน สอนระเบียบ (don sonrabiap); and แตรวงกองดุริยางค์ทหารบก (traewong kong duriyang thahanbok).

peter said...

thanks, neu mejican! it's always interesting to hear which albums different people like the best!

henrys said...

Many thanks. I love this stuff!