Monday, July 1, 2024

rungfa kulachai: ok hak ton kae

artist: รุ่งฟ้า กุลาชัย (rungfa kulachai)
album: อกหักตอนแก่ (ok hak ton kae)
01. อกหักตอนแก่ (ok hak ton kae)
02. เมาหนักเพราะรักสาวดา (mao nak phro rak sao da)
03. ดื่มเพื่อลืมเธอ (duem phuea luem thoe)
04. น้องไปเพราะอ้ายจน (nong pai phro ai chon)
05. ลูกเขยออกแสง (luk khoei ok saeng)
06. รักอ้ายลองเบิ่ง (rak ai long boeng)
07. มอบใจให้นาง (mop chai hai nang)
08. รักสาวใต้ (rak sao tai)
09. ผู้หวังดี (phu wang di)
10. ซิ่งสลับสอย (sing salap soi)
11. ลำซิ่งลำสอย (lam sing lam soi)
12. แท็กซี่คนใหม่ (taxi khon mai)

this week, some fantastic molam pop from rungfa kulachai! a native of yasothon, rungfa made his way to bangkok to study at the poh-chang academy of arts, where he helped establish the school's first isan club. his success leading the club's molam group eventually landed him a recording contract, with his earliest works (under the name "rung dao-isan") helmed by producers don chedi (sawat si-udon) and phayung chamchong, backed by samai onwong & his group, and alongside fellow molam banyen rakkaen, pritsana wongsiri, and suprani sisuphat[1]. he would later go on to be famous for embodying the role of khun phaen from thai literature on stage, with sword and full regalia, earning him the somewhat tongue-twisting title, "khun phon lam phaen, khun phaen lam phloen" (lord of lam phaen, khun phaen of lam phloen). this cassette comes after his earliest era but before his popular heyday, on prasit sukchai's short-lived label p.s. sound.. not too sure about the year or the backing band here, unfortunately. enjoy!