Sunday, May 19, 2024

em oradi: luk isan

artist: เอม อรดี (em oradi)
album: ลูกอิสาน (luk isan)
01. ลูกอิสาน (luk isan)
02. หนีความจำเป็น (ni khwam cham pen)
03. เดินไปเดินมา (doen pai doen ma)
04. รักเมืองไทย (rak mueang thai)
05. คนขี่ควาย (khon khi khwai)
06. หลอกเด็ก (lok dek)
07. ก. เอ๋ย ก. ไก่ (k. oei k. kai)
08. คนอิสาน (khon isan)
09. คนเมา (khon mao)
10. ราคาคุย (rakha khui)

a very cool tape today, and a bit of a mystery: i can't find any info about singer em oradi online, and no one i asked was familiar with her at all! i can tell you a few things though, thanks to the liners: this 1989 cassette was produced by phanom nopphon under his nopphon promotion & picture co., ltd. (a precursor to nopphon silver gold co., ltd.) with music by a. num phuthai and songwriting from cho. khamcha-i and prasit nakhonphanom. the sound is classic isan-themed late-'80s luk thung, with some double-tracked vocals that to me recall honey si-isan or early chintara phunlap and a range of interesting synthesizer sounds alongside a live band. if anyone knows more about our singer, please let me know.. in the meantime, enjoy! 
update: the experts at mohlum museum "หมอลำสัมมะปิ" have confirmed that this is in fact an early recording from the singer better known as เอม อภัสรา (em aphatsara)!