Wednesday, August 9, 2023

phirasak baye: liké khiao phet chao sane rueang bap phayabat

artist: พีระศักดิ์ บาเย (phirasak baye)
album: ลิเกเขี้ยวเพชรเจ้าเสน่ห์ เรื่อง บาปพยาบาท (liké khiao phet chao sane rueang bap phayabat)
01. ลิเกเขี้ยวเพชรเจ้าเสน่ห์ เรื่อง บาปพยาบาท ตอน 1 (liké khiao phet chao sane rueang bap phayabat, pt. 1)
02. ลิเกเขี้ยวเพชรเจ้าเสน่ห์ เรื่อง บาปพยาบาท ตอน 2 (liké khiao phet chao sane rueang bap phayabat, pt. 2)

this week, some great street theatre music from liké khana phirasak baye! based, i believe, out of ban pong, ratchaburi, phirasak and his players have been big names in liké for many decades. phirasak himself has appeared on the thai silver screen, and well-known comedian siban super-joke got his start in the troupe. this recording, originally made for silver stereo (though here branded super star), features the play "bap phayabat (sin of vengeance)", and is classic for the style: the acting is flamboyant, and both the singing and piphat backing are on-point. unfortunately this is just tape one of a set, but at least we get to hear the rousing ok khaek intro portion, and nearly an hour of performance. maybe one day i'll track down the rest.. in the meantime, enjoy!