Sunday, February 19, 2023

chaliphon buengthai: khorat sing prayuk, vol. 1

artist: ชลีพร บึงไทย (chaliphon buengthai)
album: โคราชซิ่งประยุกต์ ชุดที่ 1 (khorat sing prayuk, vol. 1)
01. ชมบึง (chom bueng)
02. ชมนก (chom nok)
03. ชมไม้ (chom mai)
04. แหล่ลา (lae la)
05. บรรเลง (banleng)
06. สาวหมอเพลงรักหนุ่มหมอลำ (sao mo phleng rak num molam)
07. หมอเพลงกล่อมลูก (mo phleng klom luk)
08. กลอนเล่นอักษร (klon len akson)
09. ชีวิตหมอเพลง (chiwit mo phleng)
10. บรรเลง (banleng)

this week, our first tape of phleng khorat! our mo phleng today is chaliphon buengthai, someone who i had never heard of, and who returns 0 results on the web. her genre, phleng khorat, is local to nakhon ratchasima province and as its geographic origin may suggest, sounds somewhere between the northeastern/lao molam and central thai lam tat, choi, or other traditional repartee styles. while often performed without instrumental accompaniment in its boran form, this tape features the sing prayuk style, and so is replete with 1997-era country-style production hallmarks, handled by chaloemchai phet-udon and khrongsak suanpom. the songs selections are actually a mix of phleng khorat (of course), along with a couple lae and luk thung numbers, all penned by chaliphon, plus a few isan-style instrumentals for good measure. enjoy!