Wednesday, November 23, 2022

sairung wimanthong: sao noi khoi khu

artist: สายรุ่ง วิมานทอง (sairung wimanthong)
album: สาวน้อยคอยคู่ (sao noi khoi khu)
01. สาวน้อยคอยคู่ (sao noi khoi khu)
02. รอรับแรงใจ (ro rap raeng chai)
03. จากใจสายรุ่ง (chak chai sairung)
04. เตือนใจวัยรุ่น (tuean chai wai run)
05. ตำราป๊นตุ๊กข์ (tamra pon tuk)
06. สมศรีฮักแต๊ (somsi hak tae)
07. บ่าวสมัย (bao samai)
08. น้ำบ่ไหลเจี่ยวปื่น (nam bo lai chiao puen)
09. หัวอกโช่เฟ่อ (hua ok chauffeur)
10. หนูรักอา (nu rak a)

this week, more great music from lanna! our previous post featured performers from the first and second generations of so recording stars, today we'll hear from the "modernized" generation (circa the late-80s?). i couldn't find any information online about our singer, ms. sairung wimanthong, but the lyrics helpfully hint that she was a disciple of phophin phet-lanna. sung in kham mueang and with some vocal inflections that indicate her so background, the other main musical influence seems to be from luk thung isan stars like phimpha phonsiri or sunari ratchasima (she even quotes ade putra's "si jantung hati" as sunari famously did). enjoy! 


peter said...


james said...

Si Jantung Hati has a thai version?

peter said...

several, in fact!

aside from the quotation on this cassette (track 2), the version by sunari ratchasima can be heard here (track 1, "rak dieow chai dieow").

another version crops up on track 2 of this cassette by withep kanthima & the champagne band.

there's also "ro wan thoe klap" by don sonrabiap, and "sam bai thao" by banyen rakkaen, angkhanang khunchai & pritsana wongsiri.

there are definitely more as well, but those are the first to spring to mind!

james said...

This is so interesting! Si Jantung Hati is one of my favourite Indonesian songs and just so surprised there is Thai version but not only one there are several of them! Thanks for sharing will be on my way to search for others songs with Si Jantung Hati melody sung in Thai.