Saturday, October 23, 2021

takako nishizaki & bruce gaston: daowadueng = indra's paradise

artist(s): takako nishizaki & bruce gaston
album: ดาวดึงส์ (daowadueng) = indra's paradise
01. เทพทอง (thep thong) = golden angel
02. ลาวเสี่ยงเทียน (lao siang thian) = oracle of light
03. ดาวดึงส์ (daowadueng) = indra's paradise
- (เหาะ) (hoe) = sacred flying song
- รัว (rua) = miraculous tremolo
- ตะเคิง = takhoeng
- แขกเจ้าเซ็น (khaek chao sen) = dance of the shiite muslims
04. ลาวกระแต (lao kratae) = laotian chipmunk
05. เขมรไทรโยค (khmer sai yok) = tales from the waterfall of saiyok
06. เขมรพายเรือ (khmer phai ruea) = cambodian rowing song
07. ฟ้อนเงี้ยว (fon ngiao) = hill-tribe dance

this past weekend, the thai music scene lost three beloved artists; molam phonsak songsaeng, string star ot khiribun, and classical fusion musician bruce gaston. the bangkok-based american composer/multi-intrumentalist gaston was a chula professor, co-founder with bunyong ketkhong of the ensemble fong naam, and active in the thai film industry as a composer of incidental music. he passed away sunday, october 17th at the age of 74. today's 1987 cassette finds him paired with violinist takako nishizaki, accompanying her primarily on piano but also with a range of both electronic and thai classical instruments. for more information, refer to the fairly extensive english-language liner notes which are included with the download. enjoy!


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