Wednesday, March 10, 2021

suthep wongkamhaeng: mon mueang nuea

artist: สุเทพ วงศ์กำแหง (suthep wongkamhaeng)
album: มนต์เมืองเหนือ (mon mueang nuea)
01. มนต์เมืองเหนือ (mon mueang nuea)
02. ดาวเหนือ (dao nuea)
03. หลงคอย (long khoi)
04. พี่รอคำตอบ (phi ro kham top)
05. แผ่นดินเสรี (phaen din seri)
06. ฉันมาจากดาว (chan ma chak dao)
07. นางอาย (nang ai)
08. สะอื้น (sa-uen)
09. เสียดาย (sia dai)
10. เหมันต์ที่ฉันเศร้า (heman thi chan sao)

today, more evergreen luk krung classics from suthep wongkamhaeng! mr. suthep of khorat (nakhon ratchasima) left his career in visual arts to join the royal thai air force band, after being spotted gigging as an intermission performer on bangkok's movie theatre circuit. following his tour of duty, suthep became a staple in the most popular of bangkok nightclubs and appeared frequently in mid-century silver screen musicals. writer 'rong wongsawan famously wrote that he possessed "a voice like the rubbing of satin in beer foam", soft and effervescent. this album is the 12th volume of an old series from the bangkok cassette co., ltd. (currently existing as maemaiplengthai), a mix of relaxed ballads and playful latin dance numbers. enjoy!

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