Monday, September 16, 2019

somphot duangsomphong: mia pa phro sa-u

artist: สมโภชน์ ดวงสมพงษ์ (somphot duangsomphong)
album: เมียป๋าเพราะซาอุฯ (mia pa phro sa-u)
01. เมียป๋าเพราะซาอุฯ (mia pa phro sa-u)
02. รู้ว่าเขาหลอก (ru wa khao lok)
03. จองไว้ก่อน (chong wai kon)
04. หมอลำพ่อลูกอ่อน (molam pho luk on)
05. สุราดีกว่านารี (sura di kwa nari)
06. เอิ้นหาน้องแดง (oen ha nong daeng)
07. พ่ายรัก (phai rak)
08. ลำเต้ยฮักน้องอีหลี (lam toei hak nong i-li)
09. ทหารห่วงแฟน (thahan huang faen)
10. ตายหยังเขียด (tai yang khiat)

this week, classic isan pop from somphot duangsomphong! the lead single here is somphot's 1985 response to phimpha phonsiri's "nam ta mia sa-u" of 1982, a famous song bemoaning the lives of wives whose husbands have gone to labor in saudi arabia. sharing a songwriter (soraphet phinyo) with the earlier tune, the lyrics offer a male perspective to contradict the original (though i think phimpha's remained the bigger hit). the style as advertised is lam klon khon kaen (prayuk), "khon kaen-stlye lam klon (modernized)". musical backing is by the grand band, with some perfectly 80's synthesizers taking the khaen parts during the introductory kroen sections. enjoy!



Anonymous said...

hi there
it seems Mega is down for some reason.
hope you made a backup.
this blog is one of the few a keep regular check now and then.
love the stuff you have here.

peter said...

thanks, Anonymous! looks like Mega is back up now, let me know if you are still having problems

Anonymous said...

I still get a message stating that can't be located.
well I'll just wait a bit longer. if you can still access it there's probably no reason to worry. get back to it later.

Unknown said...

hey Peter,
thanks for the music and background on these songs, so very interesting. I heard a friend's phone video of a young Thai girl playing guitar to a backing rhythm pattern that was so very cool. Wondering if there is more music out there that has that sort of sound that I haven't heard yet on the blog. Thanks,

peter said...

Hi Kuri,
I'd be happy to help, can you give me any other info about the kind of music you're looking for? maybe a link to the video in question..?