Thursday, March 1, 2018

wara worawet & chorus

artist: วราห์ วรเวช (wara worawet & chorus)
album: เพลงขับร้องประสานเสียง (phleng khaprong prasan siang)
01. ดอยอินทนนท์ (doi inthanon)
02. เขากับเรา (khao kap rao)
03. หากรักก็บอกมา (hak rak ko bok ma)
04. พะวงรัก (phawong rak)
05. บึงน้ำฟ้า (bueng nam fa)
06. อำนาจรัก (amnat rak)
07. อำลาอาลัย (amla alai)
08. เป่าปี่ (pao pi)
09. ไม่มีงานไม่มีเงิน (mai mi ngan mai mi ngoen)
10. แย่งกันทำไม (yaeng kan thammai)

this week, mixed chorus meets thai funk! our featured artist today, wara worawet (a physician by profession, graduating from the university of pennsylvania in 1961) is also a prolific songwriter, having a number of luk krung & thai sakon-style hits to his name, as well as a leader of the musical association of thailand under patronage of his majesty the king. this cassette features the university choir-style harmonies which seemed to be all the rage in 1970s bangkok, mixed with the light & airy thai funk style also popular at the time. enjoy!



Anonymous said...

thank you. if you read this, could you please reup some old posts - i'd be very interested in hearing them :)

Unknown said...

Hello, thanks for the music as always.
I'm trying to fill a music database, do you by any chance know the place and date of birth of Wara Worawet?

peter said...

hi Luis!
wara worawet (real name: วราวุธ สุมาวงศ์ = warawut sumawong) was born on july 12th, 1934... i believe he is from bangkok.
reference here: