Monday, February 12, 2018

suthep wongkamhaeng: alai tokyo

artist: สุเทพ วงศ์กำแหง (suthep wongkamhaeng)
album: อาลัยโตเกียว (alai tokyo)
01. อาลัยโตเกียว (alai tokyo)
02. พี่กลับมาแล้ว (phi klap ma laeo)
03. เกิดมาอาภัพ (koet ma aphap)
04. ผมผลัดวิวาห์ (phom phlat wiwa)
05. อโหสิกรรม (ahosikam)
06. จะคอยขวัญใจ (cha khoi khwanchai)
07. กลิ่นรักโลมใจ (klin rak lom chai)
08. หลับไม่ลง (lap mai long)
09. พี่สาว (phi sao)
10. บ้านเรา (ban rao)
11. ศรีมาลา (si mala)
12. ฉันรักเธอ (chan rak thoe)
13. ฝากหัวใจ (fak hua chai)
14. แม่กลอง (mae klong)
15. รักครั้งแรก (rak khrang raek)
16. เพียงจูบเดียว (phiang chup diao)
17. สวรรค์ในเรือเพลง (sawan nai ruea phleng)
18. เกิดมาต้องพึ่งกัน (koet ma tong phueng kan)

this week, a "far east"-accented entry from a luk krung veteran! mr. suthep wongkamhaeng of khorat (nakhon ratchasima) left his career in visual arts to join the royal thai air force band, after being spotted gigging as an intermission performer at bangkok movie theatres. following his tour of duty, suthep became a staple in the most popular of bangkok nightclubs and appeared frequently in mid-century silver screen musicals. the songs on this album, "in remembrance of tokyo", date from around 1960, when the star singer returned home after a 3-year hiatus to revisit his first love of visual arts; touring japan to study that nation's local painting traditions. as you may imagine, a sweet, sorrowful enka sound results, in addition to the typical luk krung thai-latin and crooner affairs.. enjoy!



Doubletroubler said...

Please please please, don't you have more with the fantastic band The Isn't in your hidings? I found some loose tunes with them out on the interweb so i know they made more albums. It would be a real blast to hear some more with this great band.

Jerom said...

This fusion of old-school luk krung, american crooner & enka is quite amazing actually!! Thank you a lot for sharing this old tape!