Monday, October 30, 2017

surachai folksong: luk thung klong yao

artist: สุรชัย โฟล์คซอง (surachai folksong)
album: ลูกทุ่งกลองยาว (luk thung klong yao)
01. ลูกทุ่งเลือดสุพรรณ (luk thung lueat suphan)
02. ลูกทุ่งกลองยาว (luk thung klong yao)
03. หนุ่มสวนแตง (num suan taeng)
04. อยากเป็นเจ้าบ่าว (yak pen chao bao)
05. กระท่อมพ่อหมาย (krathom pho mai)
06. น้ำตาลาไทร (nam ta la sai)
07. โลกของคนรวย (lok khong khon ruai)
08. อุทยานผลไม้ (utthayan phonlamai)
09. กว๊านพะเยา (kwan phayao)
10. วันที่แม่รอ (wan thi mae ro)
11. จากน้องไปทะเล (chak nong pai thale)
12. ความรักล่องแล่ง (khwam rak long laeng)

7-12 performed by สุรชาติ สมบัติเจริญ (surachat sombatcharoen)

last week, we heard from surachai sombatcharoen.. this week we have another "surachai", and another "sombatcharoen"! following the murder of suraphon sombatcharoen in 1968, a number of similar-sounding singers came out to fill the void, but none proved ultimately satisfactory. however, when suraphon's son surachai rose to stardom in the 1980s (with a unique voice of his own) the search for his father's sound-alikes began anew. finally, surachai folksong (surachai charoenkitchaichana), a guitar-playing singer-songwriter working as house performer at villa café on new phetburi road in bangkok[1], was discovered, with a voice that was a real echo of the legendary singer. after a string of albums featuring folk rock-oriented rewrites of suraphon's hits, surachai folksong faded back into obscurity, although his songs still circulate online today (often mistakenly attributed to surachai sombatcharoen). rounding out our cassette's second side is surachat, a lesser-known sibling of the sombatcharoen clan.