Tuesday, July 19, 2016

daochai phaichit: yang cham dai mai

artist: ดาวใจ ไพจิตร (daochai phaichit)
album: ยังจำได้ไหม (yang cham dai mai)
01. ยังจำได้ไหม (yang cham dai mai)
02. ไม่ใกล้ไม่ไกล (mai klai mai klai)
03. วิมานสีชมพู (wiman si chomphu)
04. อย่าปันใจให้ฉัน (ya pan chai hai chan)
05. ผู้แพ้รัก (phu phae rak)
06. ยามร้าง (yam rang)
07. มันใจไม่รัก (man chai mai rak)
08. เสียงกระซิบจากเกลียวคลื่น (siang krasip chak klieow khluen)
09. ลืมเสียเถิดอย่าคิดถึง (luem sia thoet ya khit thueng)
10. บัวกลางบึง (bua klang bueng)
11. สาส์นรัก (san rak)
12. ปาหนัน (panan)

this week; the blue bangkok sounds of daochai phaichit! the famed luk krung crooner is said to have gotten her start in the suntharaphon band (although there's some debate on that point), before striking off as a solo artist under the tutelage of songwriter sisawat pichitworakan. she had a string of hits to her name throughout the 1970s, but the songs collected on this cassette were first made famous by the previous generation of stars, primarily ruangthong thonglanthom. with daochai, the big band arrangements of the originals are updated to a smooth 70's feel. enjoy!



Unknown said...

เพลงทรงคุณค่า แปลงจากม้วนเทป น่าสะสม

Dolmance said...

I'm one minute into the first song and it's taken my breath away.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm trying to find another tape by Daochai.... i'm not sure what it is called but it is in a similar style to this one (with some swirling organ sounds as well). if you find any more of hers, could you please post them (my cassette is ruined and i can't find this particular cassette anywhere). Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, i love your blog! do you know the exact year this tape was released? I can't find the date anywhere online. Thank you :)