Wednesday, June 22, 2016

onuma singsiri: sao isan ro rak

artist: อรอุมา สิงห์ศิริ (onuma singsiri)
album: สาวอีสานรอรัก (sao isan ro rak)
01. สาวอีสานรอรัก (sao isan ro rak)
02. หนุ่มอุดรฝากรัก (num udon fak rak)
sung by อัศวิน ปิ่นเพชร (atsawin pinphet)
03. สาวอีสานครวญ (sao isan khruan)
04. คอยพี่ที่บ้านนา (khoi phi thi ban na)
05. คืนเดือนหงาย (khuen duean ngai)
06. สาวหมอลำช้ำรัก (sao molam cham rak)
07. สาวอีสาน (sao isan)
08. แม่ค้าส้มตำ (mae kha som tam)
09. รอวันพี่กลับ (ro wan phi klap)
10. ออนซอนเสียงซอ (on son siang so)
11. อรอุมา อะบานิบี (onuma "a ba ni bi")
12. อรอุมา พาเพลิน (onuma pha phloen)
13. สัญญารักที่ศาลาลอย (sanya rak thi sala loi)
14. ฮักอ้ายอีหลี (hak ai ili)
15. บ่ลืมพี่ที่ยโสธร (bo luem phi thi yasothon)
16. ลำเพลินเกี้ยวบ่าว (lam phloen kieow bao)
17. เต้ยริมโขง (toei rim khong)

this week i wanted to re-post an old crowd-favorite from this blog, with a link that's long since dead and a re-upload much requested [i also needlessly excised one track last time around, so this seemed like a good opportunity to redress that questionable decision, as well]. onuma singsiri's classic single "sao isan ro rak (northeastern girl waiting for love)" (penned by sumthum phairimbueng, whom we heard from recently) was a huge hit, and remains a karaoke staple to this day. onuma is from khon kaen, and i've heard she lives now in tennessee, but aside from that i don't know much about her. soi48 let me know that the backing band is that of so fiddle maestro thonghuad faited, and that the whole album was recorded in one day! lastly, people have asked for a date on this one, and after some consideration i can almost certainly give 1978 or 1979, since it contains a cover of israeli eurovision song contest winner izhar cohen & the alphabeta's "a-ba-ni-bi" from 1978 and the lead single was covered by grand ex' in 1979. so there you go.. enjoy!



james said...

Hi there Peter! i would like to ask whether if it's possible to share FLAC or WAV for this! I fell in love with Thai Music some years ago and managed to stumbled upon your blog with many Thai Music and some are so rare and obscure! Thank you!

uLuGaBi said...

For information the cover is wrong regarding the tracklisting.
Correct names are:
1 --> 1
2 --> 6
6 --> 13
3 --> 4
13 --> 8
17 --> 2
10 --> 3
12 --> 17
4 --> 10

8 --> 12
15 --> 15
16 --> 16

uLuGaBi said...

After recheck you can forgot/delete those msgs are the compilation is ok. Problem was coming from the Digital version made by Baichasong which have a different order than original Vinyl and reissues